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  1. 1)One man raw black metal / post-black / drone noise psychedelic band from Holyoke, Massachusetts.

    2)A punk act from Fullerton,California,with…

  2. A Black Metal band consisting of members from Australia, Africa, and Asia.

    Current line-up
    Kozlak - Vocals, Guitar
    Shaitan - Guitar, Vocals,…

  3. Black Twilight Circle entity.

  4. There are at least two bands with the name Arts:

    1] Arts is an American Raw Black Metal band featuring Mark McCoy of Haxan, Ancestors & Hallow…

  5. Uncompromisingly raw and primitive. On Peace and Quiet Recordings. Released a self-titled 4 track demo tape in 2010, and then a self-titled 7" EP…

  6. Haunting shrieks, dissonant melodies, and a mind numbing low-end together comprise nine utterly dark compositions in the vein of nothing else. An…

  7. Nuklearenpest is a black metal band formed in 2010 from the USA. Lyrical themes include Anti-Zionism, Misanthropy, Death.

  8. Avulse exists as the chaotic output of Diseased. He created Avulse as a creative counterweight to his work in Auspicium.

  9. Abyssgale are a black metal band from Greece.The band founder, Godium, embodied an extreme sound around the band and finally on January 2006…

  10. 1. Glossolalia is a one-person extreme metal project formed in 2006, with recorded material through 2009. Crepusculo Negro recently released a…

  11. Ungoliant

    (1) Sludge/Doom band formed by artist Skinner during the winter of 2010 in Sacramento, CA


  12. Hateful and raw d-beat black metal violence from Québec. Malveillance is French and means "Malevolence". Lyrical themes revolve around the…

  13. Torture Chain is a black metal band from the United States. The band has released four demos and an album since 2008.

    Humbling Isolation Terror…

  14. Black metal from the US, part of the Black Twilight Circle.

  15. Country of origin:
    United States

    Minneapolis, Minnesota


    Year of creation:

    Experimental Black Metal


  16. Black/doom metal band from Santa Cruz, CA.

    Contact: leucosis.band@gmail.com


  17. Beithíoch is a black metal band from Ireland.

    'Beithíoch' means 'animal/beast'. Pronounced 'Bay-EE-yuk'. "Beithíoch represents the instinctive and…

  18. Nihill is a black metal band from The Netherlands formed in 2007. They released one full-length album "Krach" the same year on Monumentum Records.…

  19. Blistering raw black metal from Illinois.


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