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  • Avatar for ThijsvanBaalen
    Bring back the old
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    funny guys)
  • Avatar for faridmon
    Gracetown is indeed a fine sequel. They lost their ''twee'' sound a bit, but made it up by having a sheer confidence in their electronic plays. Love it!
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    Snow is probably my favorite song so far. I think it topped Golden Revolver as one of my favorite songs by them. Although Golden Revolver will always be a fun summer song.
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    Still better than the majority of the mainstream pop music now a days [1]
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    They changed their music style. It is highly very similar to Passion Pit, especially Manners. I guess, that's why I'm loving it so far. I can't describe their first album sound, but this one is more upbeat/pop/synthetic.
  • Avatar for alex_gonta
    more sugar than a can of cola(c) but in a good way i think
  • Avatar for CagedElephants
    Yeah, Gracetown kicks ass.
  • Avatar for Shannonline
    more sugar than a can of cola
  • Avatar for CagedElephants
    The new album rocks harder live, but it's still great. They played About You and Wash It All Away a few times in LA the other day, and they were both amazing.
  • Avatar for MarcusLMosnter
    I usually don't see myself enjoying that much this kind of music, but their album is so cute! Specially his voice on "Wash It All Away"
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    The new album is a synthpop fun affair.
  • Avatar for Offino
    new album is too sweet and pukey 4 me
  • Avatar for cottoncandyboy_
  • Avatar for cottoncandyboy_
    "Gracetown" surprised me in the best way possible. It mixes the beach-y&funny side of the debut album with different genres - without losing essence. I thought it would be a disaster, but I'm glad to say I was totally wrong. I love this band. ♥
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    New album <3
  • Avatar for vitortrltcf
    "Magic" is <3
  • Avatar for joshblalock
    New San Cisco track featured on the BIRP! December 2014 Playlist. Listen at [url= Cisco][/url]
  • Avatar for faridmon
    Run is sounding fantastic already. Bloody Hell, can't wait for the new album!
  • Avatar for b-factor
    Run is perfect <3
  • Avatar for cottoncandyboy_
  • Avatar for Indiiigente
  • Avatar for tiladark
    que banda do caralho 3
  • Avatar for hey_hercules
    que banda do caralho 2
  • Avatar for Melodeh
    If anyone's looking for new music you should check out Strange Talk!
  • Avatar for juliendu48
    Lyall > Like this song
  • Avatar for lucas_rhcp
    que banda do caralho.
  • Avatar for Suckitandsee17
    una somiglianza assurda coi Vampire Weekend
  • Avatar for ChrisFallout
    Such awesome talent and youthful too.
  • Avatar for herculean_
    happy birthday, Jordi
  • Avatar for naybkr
  • Avatar for agnesxsaboia
    Wish I had the chance to download more albums
  • Avatar for Wearethemods64
    Review of San Cisco live at The Scala, London, 17/10/13
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    Heyy, what's this?! It doesn't say "Backordered" anymore. =S For $30, I guess this would be worth the import. A little pricey for a short CD.
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    I'm really sad that I can't buy their album. They even contacted me via Facebook saying it's going to be nearly impossible to find a copy of their album in the USA. :( And you wonder why people download music illegally. Well I'd buy it if I could. But for now I downloaded it. If one day, they decided to migrate to the US, it will be a first day for me!!!
  • Avatar for Kaaay__
    Their Get Lucky cover is A+ [4]
  • Avatar for snaefellsnes
    Great performance in Brussels last night!
  • Avatar for Wellsy5767
    Got 2 spare tickets for the show at Scala (London) on Thursday, anyone interested? Selling at face value.
  • Avatar for ruthynhasilva
    Amo demais. <3
  • Avatar for idiotintraining
    Smallpools was pretty rad. I was pleasantly surprised
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Awkward for some reason reminds me of Metronomy
  • Avatar for vickles_
  • Avatar for Abd_MalikPhi
    Great band
  • Avatar for collapseonme
    Come to Canada again! i missed your show at the Garrison last month :(
  • Avatar for Nklta
    When are you coming to Canada?!
  • Avatar for bangBANG_urDEAD
    If you love San Cisco, you'll love Strange Talk. Http://
  • Avatar for emomonsterrocks
    Their Get Lucky cover is A+ [3]
  • Avatar for emomonsterrocks
  • Avatar for TylerSymes
    @Tango1986 It would likely come out later this year or next year. They still doing touring and likely haven't went into the studio.
  • Avatar for Tango1986
    New album please?!? :)


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