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Sam Cooke

Chain Gang (2:33)


  • Why are some songs so beautiful?
  • wow
  • Wonderful ... brings back so many memories
  • aaaaaaaaamazing! Grew up listening to this cause my pops listened to a lot of Motown I thought it was cheesy as well but now at the age of 19 I truly appreciate this :]
  • God I appreciate this song so much more now. I use to hear it on the radio when I was a kid and thought it was pretty cheesy.
  • What a milestone in "Pop"-history! Wow! One of my favorite songs!
  • UH! AH!
  • such an inspiration, gone too soon..
  • I love this song. :)
  • don't wanna work on a chain gang
  • Another one I had on 45s.
  • sobre Sam Cooke, esta todo dicho. Genial
  • Wow - great song!!!
  • Redefinido os conceitos da soul, inovador e único.
  • BEST *****!!!!!
  • Au!!!!!!!!
  • Vanderwalker wrote it right! Get 'em Sam!
  • love it!
  • Love it Love it, LOVE it! ;)
  • gimme water
  • GREAT.....
  • My most played song this is christmas, no competition. And the way it keeps growing on me I think that it can be one of my all-time favorites one day
  • ok
  • magical voice
  • One of my two favorites of Sam Cooke.
  • I love this song. :)
  • lovin this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what a song! this is culture!
  • what a guy!
  • but meanwhile i've got to work right here...that's soul :). debuted in 1960 (GoBigBlue), 40 years before i was born, but still a rockin' song.
  • <3
  • "ooh. ahh." Join up w/ the soulful groove @ [group]Great Black Music[/group]. P E A C E > bw
  • Don't know if this debuted in the mid-'60s (after all, Cooke passed-away in '64). But that's what it reminds me of. Heard it often on the radio in the mid-'60s.
  • Great great stuff.
  • so good its ridiculous
  • ho ha
  • awesome
  • Agreed. Love this.
  • I love the beginning with the voices going whoa ah..whoa ah..whoa ah..[cool!]


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