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There is more than one band with this name.

1) Salvation is a blackened crust/hardcore punk band from Pennsylvania. They recently put out a 7" titled "Smoke And Mirrors" on Youth Attack Records. Anyone who has seen this band live will attest that their frontman has yet to walk off a stage where his face wasn't dripping blood. Perfectly recorded pounded shrieking winds, lacerating and insensible.

2) Salvation is one of the original Leeds based post-punk/goth bands. Formed in 1983, they released their first 12" on Merciful Release - the Sisters of Mercy's label. Salvation went on to become regular visitors to the Indie Top 20 alongside their contemporaries: the Mission, Skeletal Family and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Signing to Miles Copeland's IRS label, success beckoned but the band acrimoniously split the following year.

3) Salvation were vegan sxe death metal/hardcore band from Poland. They realased mdc "before the funeral" in 1998.

4) Salvation were a late 60s West Coast US psychedelic rock band. Salvation slowly coalesced in San Francisco during 1967, the final member of the line-up that recorded their first album joined in 1968. During this time they changed their name from The New Salvation Army Banned to Salvation. During 1968 they played at the major Bay Area venue and toured nationally. Both their LPs were released during that year. They split up at the end of 1968.

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