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  • Avatar for archon_sound
    You at the club every weekend, bitch get a life.
  • Avatar for Texas_Carnifex
    "Drop That Bitch" <3
  • Avatar for Nagsworth
    man what happened to this dude? "complex housing" was brilliant, seems like he just makes fuckawful trap shit now
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    Dope stuff.
  • Avatar for dead_world19
    Reminds me TNGHT :/
  • Avatar for b0nfire
    this shit bumps doe ima get jukey 2 this
  • Avatar for niceslowpoke
    Odd Furniture - EP fucking footworking trap?
  • Avatar for memristor
  • Avatar for fmeshtar
    one of the best dj sets i've ever heard/seen live. zagreb, illectricity festival
  • Avatar for kunterhinder
    I GOT THAT SHEE CHANG (the pic)
  • Avatar for kunterhinder
    One of the best in the game.
  • Avatar for decadelate
    that dude
  • Avatar for DISK-CTM
    Salva will play [event=3102266]CTM.12 Festival[/event]
  • Avatar for null_null
    Yellobone EP is da bomb
  • Avatar for glenharrup
  • Avatar for ChaosLogic
    wow Thirst is amazing!!
  • Avatar for azz_
    love his Om Unit remix
  • Avatar for cosmicsoundsyo
    some groovy fuckin shit man
  • Avatar for PmF
    So why "Wake Ups" is the most played track? I find it one of the worst tracks on suprisingly good 'Complex Housing'. Gotta keep an eye on this producer.
  • Avatar for chriszombolas
    One of the best up and coming producers.
  • Avatar for itstariq
    I think Weird Science is underrated.
  • Avatar for Nagsworth
    Complex Housing is dope as fuck.
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    i'll be your friend > wake ups
  • Avatar for mpmapes
  • Avatar for Comet_Course
    Complex Housing is da shit.
  • Avatar for casp01
  • Avatar for street_dawg
    great stuff
  • Avatar for TaggingMachine_
    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 2672 listeners. It will take a while for the change to show.
  • Avatar for vojtec
  • Avatar for salvatore_88
    Salva is my name ;)
  • Avatar for Yasshyio
    *whoa!* :o
  • Avatar for staywaivy
    i dig wake ups
  • Avatar for madrfadr
    hyped no. 5 for last week
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    lol at the guys who listen to loads of new music. please realise by making an ass of yourself like that you're only putting people off listening to a great album.
  • Avatar for Hydrored
    Yes, it's a buy
  • Avatar for Dysphotic
    great album
  • Avatar for ditrixa
    so far best album 2011
  • Avatar for kampf
    This new album is pretty damned killer. Like xmattj916x, I listen to a f-ton of new music and this has to be some of the most interesting in a while.
  • Avatar for xmattj916x
    I listen 2 a lot of fucking music and I gotta say Complex Housing is great. Tremendous formula.
  • Avatar for madrfadr
    @Dopplereffekt Hahaha!!!
  • Avatar for ditrixa
    wake ups = pure orgasm
  • Avatar for Dopplereffekt
    Complex House, one of the best albums of 2011 for now.
  • Avatar for madrfadr
    complex housing ! [5]
  • Avatar for Swaytek1
    complex housing ! [3]
  • Avatar for naomipl
    complex housing ! [2]
  • Avatar for busysignalbeats
    progressive metal
  • Avatar for evanzhao
    wake ups... DAMN!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Reneje
    <3Wake Ups<3
  • Avatar for avantlesbian
  • Avatar for Coivisto
    Today i lisened to them for the firs time. How in the name of god they have only 550 plays?!12 Thats just absurd to me. o.O


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