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  • You at the club every weekend, bitch get a life.
  • "Drop That Bitch" <3
  • man what happened to this dude? "complex housing" was brilliant, seems like he just makes fuckawful trap shit now
  • Dope stuff.
  • Reminds me TNGHT :/
  • this shit bumps doe ima get jukey 2 this
  • Odd Furniture - EP fucking footworking trap?
  • "*cker"
  • one of the best dj sets i've ever heard/seen live. zagreb, illectricity festival
  • I GOT THAT SHEE CHANG (the pic)
  • One of the best in the game.
  • that dude
  • Salva will play [event=3102266]CTM.12 Festival[/event]
  • Yellobone EP is da bomb
  • Thirst.
  • wow Thirst is amazing!!
  • love his Om Unit remix
  • some groovy fuckin shit man
  • PmF
    So why "Wake Ups" is the most played track? I find it one of the worst tracks on suprisingly good 'Complex Housing'. Gotta keep an eye on this producer.
  • One of the best up and coming producers.
  • I think Weird Science is underrated.
  • Complex Housing is dope as fuck.
  • i'll be your friend > wake ups
  • Complex Housing is da shit.
  • good
  • great stuff
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  • http://fuckyouhipsters.blogspot.com/2011/03/salva-complex-housing-2011-frite-nite.html
  • Salva is my name ;)
  • *whoa!* :o
  • i dig wake ups
  • hyped no. 5 for last week
  • lol at the guys who listen to loads of new music. please realise by making an ass of yourself like that you're only putting people off listening to a great album.
  • Yes, it's a buy
  • great album
  • so far best album 2011
  • This new album is pretty damned killer. Like xmattj916x, I listen to a f-ton of new music and this has to be some of the most interesting in a while.
  • I listen 2 a lot of fucking music and I gotta say Complex Housing is great. Tremendous formula.
  • @Dopplereffekt Hahaha!!!
  • wake ups = pure orgasm
  • Complex House, one of the best albums of 2011 for now.
  • complex housing ! [5]
  • complex housing ! [3]
  • complex housing ! [2]
  • progressive metal
  • wake ups... DAMN!!!!!!
  • <3Wake Ups<3
  • bangin
  • Today i lisened to them for the firs time. How in the name of god they have only 550 plays?!12 Thats just absurd to me. o.O


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