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  • Phoenixme

    Swedish is the only salt worth its salt.

    December 2014
  • haloeighteen

    Swedish Salt will always be Salt to me.

    December 2010
  • kinoppling

    this pic ... : (

    January 2010
  • le_dzedaj

    it's 60s psychedelic band. organization sucks -.-

    January 2010
  • kero_copy

    sweden's salt has more listeners than the other salt. but ... ... who's on the main salt's pic? and who made that pic as official image? ... ... for multiple artists with the same name. i think it's unfair to make an official image ... just let the listeners decide ... ... :)

    August 2009
  • FluentChaos

    Sweden's Salt tops this (just for the record) :)

    June 2009
  • haylo75 really needs to figure out multiple artists with the same name. That makes for less than pretty URLs. Who trumps who, and for what reason, in taking the 'base' URL as it were? Regardless, the Swedish Salt has my vote. One of the best band of the 90's, and their album, Auscultate, still sounds great damn near 15 years on. Fans should check out their subsequent EP, "Delay Me Down and Make Me Wah Wah!!!"

    April 2009
  • cantstopdnb

    no! german salt! :D

    December 2008
  • split-finger

    bluster! miss that band

    December 2008
  • UnchartedLive

    gr8 sounds!

    October 2008
  • uncleogrimacey

    Swedish indie funk. Does Nina know?

    December 2007
  • SirAlixandru

    Stefan's pic? Janice's pic it should be..

    December 2007
  • dylus


    September 2007
  • Wintermetal

    I am listening to Re.Wasp ...

    August 2007
  • astrobleme

    Also, while there is music up there for another band named Salt, the links on the left are all to other obscure 1960's funk bands.

    May 2007
  • astrobleme

    Considering this name is shared by several bands, I don't think proposed image of whichever unknown Salt band should be up there until figures out a better way to filter different artists with the same name. As Red Apple stated, the New Orleans funk band consistently has the most plays on here.

    May 2007
  • red_apple_falls

    The bio doesn't mention the funky New Orleans '60s band that does the #1 top track.

    April 2006