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They formed the group in 2001 when still in highschool, as Nicola (voice then guitar) Jacopo (bass then drums) and Giancarlo (guitar, now Lego/Your Dog for which we created the soundtrack for his short film shot in Argentinia, IEIA). They didn't know how to play, so they just dismanteled what was around us, until a mixture of punk, noise and improvisation.
This way with Simone as well, making a revolting and stupid music because there wasn't any sense in doing anything else. Then came a difficult time in our lives, the break-up and then getting together again.
Nicola, Jacopo then Elia (saxophone and objects) and the approach to new sound, then the recording of "Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte", an album which to us means everything, emotions, thoughts, feelings, pain and joy.
Nicola then left for a year in Tokyo and they visited him together with Davide (bass) and played in Tokyo four times for Zombie Forever Records (for which we participated in a compiliation release in Japan this year) and for Senseless Records hachioji, where we played together with writer and noise musician Kenji Siratori.
At their return they started playing, first with the still in process recording of a new album, then with radical improvisation concerts together with Susanna Laterza, a young composer from Bologna, with whom they also share several projects such as Achievements, La Stufa, Ortodomie, Lirico Olocausto and others. So they go on.

Our formation is therefore
Nicola Boari (guitar, laptop and objects)
Jacopo Cinti (drums, guitar, bass)
Davide Landi (bass, effects)
Elia Dalla Casa (sax, objects)
Plus, often with Susanna Laterza (voice, objects, effects, bass, guitar) and Simone (field recording, drones, tapes)

Bologna, IT

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