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Added by padrastro on 16 Oct 2008
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  • too-youngtodie


    3 Sep 2010 Reply
  • collynx

    everyone here that is a metal salem fan is obviously pathetic. you all pretty much lost. your pictures of salem dropped to like 10th place. we're in charge now.

    5 Sep 2009 Reply
  • collynx

    woah. this looks pretty ancient.

    5 Sep 2009 Reply
  • KingTreehouse

    I'm A Gay Metal Fan. Metal + slurping dongs 4 life!!

    3 Sep 2009 Reply
  • HisCollision

    The best!

    4 Feb 2009 Reply
  • KingTreehouse

    Fuck this, the only Salem is the one who recorded themselves punching a goat in 1932. VOTE FOR REAL SALEM PICS (I keep them in my garage, stop by and say hi)

    3 Feb 2009 Reply
  • Serpenth

    What the fuck is this? The only and right Salem is from Israel \m/

    24 Jan 2009 Reply
  • eladXcore

    it is

    18 Jan 2009 Reply
  • chaileywatts

    Nooo.. Don't fight over bands! Anyways, I don't understand why there isn't just a SALEM or S4lem page for US SALEM as the metal band is not capital letters, right>?

    12 Jan 2009 Reply
  • OctopusInk

    Well it certainly isn't these blokes: http://www.last.fm/music/Salem/+images/15625407 I mean honestly, get serious.

    30 Dec 2008 Reply
  • Xosroviduxt1618

    lol...these are the "well dressed hot people"???

    29 Dec 2008 Reply
  • maskin_

    Don't take it too seriously, i don't give a fuck about the band you defend, but the photo is place in the wrong place, and that is all about, and if you can't understand that, you are the damn retarded. So go and dress nice, live la vida loca and listen your great music, i don't care. but don't give me your awful opinion about things you don't understand. Salute.

    17 Dec 2008 Reply
  • DinGlorious

    Well-dressed hot people making great music=hilarious. Goofy metal dudes with long hair and pubic-wig beards=awesome. Okay, metal people, we get it: you're totally retarded.

    17 Dec 2008 Reply
  • maskin_

    AHAHAHHA hilarious

    16 Dec 2008 Reply