• PixiCast On Air!

    7 Oct 2012, 18:22 by JeroenKlomp

    Note: a couple of links here lead to When clicking them you get a warning from is a well-known site, owned by Google, and the warning has everything to do with Anti-Piracy, since many have their own blog on which they share music etc.

    Podshow by Pixieguts (Australia) and Voide (Sweden). Fresh electronica from, mostly, independent, unsigned artists around the cyberglobe

    Stream Of Air!
    The server used, which is set up by someone I know, couldn't handle the size of the total content used for a 24/7 stream, it's good enough for a basic simulisten service for which it's originally set up.
    it might come back in time, no idea when though. Till that time, all audio used for the stream, the podcasts and the compilation albums, are available for Free Download at these places:
    http://userserve-ak.last. …
  • Newsletter – CutMat Digest #1

    7 Aug 2011, 12:12 by dementio13

    August 15th sees the release of Dementio13ʼs new album, “The Hobbyist”. The album will be available at on a ʻpay-what-you-wantʼ basis, with no minimum price. So, you can preview and decide whether to pay. Of course, you are welcome to have it for free.
    Also, in September, expect new material from Cwtch and Diebenkorn. New EPs will be available from these two on their Bandcamp stores.
    ʻSnackshackʼ EP continues to be a popular choice over at, with many downloads and the occasional sale. The ʻMaltʼ EP also seems to be doing well. Many, many thanks to all those who have downloaded/liked/ shared/etc.
    Finally, pop over to to get a free and exclusive compilation of our releases. The 20-track album contains familiar, as well as previous unreleased, tracks by Dementio13, Cwtch, Diebenkorn, Sal Boca and Spacek Cadet. Itʼs totally free, with no strings (you donʼt have to join a mailing list, etc); so grab it while itʼs still available.
  • Three new releases

    5 Apr 2010, 17:09 by Pixieguts

  • Recommended Songs -- new tool discovery!

    17 Apr 2009, 04:54 by AdriaNnLA

    Ok, so a significant part of the draw to has always been the recommendations.

    You listen to a bunch of tracks that you like and through the magic of databases, algorithms, and other listeners with similar tastes; you're presented with artist recommendations courtesy of the machine.

    Their used to be a sweet feature subset of the recommendation engine that allowed groups and other users to send you recommendations to which you could also mix in to your musical discovery journey.

    Unfortunately with the most recent 'overhaul' of the site, group recommendations went away completely and personal recommendations went to pot. Instead of being displayed on a singular page and allowed to populate a radio stream of unbroken recommendations, they now appear in your inbox where you have to sample them one-at-a-time.

    Not nearly as fun nor conducive to the discovery listening process. :-(

    I'd previously found a tool (I'll stick a link in here later) that would scrape some of your…
  • CutMat Records Roster

    24 Apr 2008, 11:43 by dementio13

  • Electronicast - unsigned or independent electronica in podcast form

    20 Nov 2007, 10:55 by SK123

    I just wanted to let you folks know about the Electronicast podcast, its produced by last fm user uksnowy and features some of the best unsigned and independent artist that hes found while searching the intertwat.

    Kindly, uksnowy has included a few of my tracks in the podcasts, one of which is a tune not available on last fm, its called Massive Ambient Face and is quite a chilled little number.

    All the artists on the podcasts are just quality though and I highly recommend that you give them a listen, hence the need to knock up this journal to let folks know......Go on download away.......and let snowy know what you think.


    Title: Electronicast Episode 1
    Length: 51:20 minutes (47 MB)
    Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

    In this first show we feature the following unsigned and independent artists:

    Permanent Velcro- Before and After
    Part 12- Violence
    Ochre- Beneath Fleeting Visions
    watermeron- Funkmelon Blooz
    Saul Nichols- The Introduction
  • Does anyone fancy winning a copy of SK123's Zeolites or Soundwave on CD ?

    12 Nov 2007, 16:29 by SK123

    A little while ago now I donated a few copies of Soundwave and Zeolites to uksnowy who produces the Electronicast Podcast.

    Snowy kindly included a couple of my tracks on his first two podcasts, so I returned the favour by donating the cd's to be given away in a competition.

    Well it looks like those CD's are still about, hey maybe people just dont want them :( but all the same I thought I would give you good folks on last fm a poke to see if you fancy winning a copy. I only made about 20 copies in the end so these are strictly limited edition :)

    The question was:

    What did I use to name the tracks on the Zeolites Album ? (with the exception of 'Low Tar and the Ridge of Doom' which was born after a drunken night at the poker !!!)

    Hint: All the track names are related to something, just what is it.

    There is 2 copies of Zeolites and 2 copies of Soundwave available and if you are the only entry then you might get both (or all of them lol)

  • New Releases and Connections!

    15 Oct 2006, 11:39 by irchs

    dementio13 said:
    New tracks by Colonel FX, Sal Boca and Thee Akoustik Dead now available for preview and download on

    Electro, Trip Hop and Breakbeat from Wigan and Cardiff!

    (By the way.....if you're an unsigned band, join this group and post here, cos it works wonders!)

    Damn skippy it works wonders :P By the way guys, you can write journal entries yourself and then submit them to this group. One of us will approve it as long as it is related to unsigned music :)


  • New Connections...

    9 Sep 2006, 11:32 by irchs

    PeterRDavey said:
    Jason Meza - blues/folk singer/songwriter

    Peter Davey - Mult-instrumentalist/Songwriter

    Neal J. Otter - indie singer/songwriter


    dementio13 said:
    artists: Sal Boca; Dementio13 and The Akoustik Dead all available for preview and selected downloads on the 'Dementio Sound' label here on Trip-hop songs, electronica and drum n bass....check us out.

    Enjoy and tag!