• Top 90 Best Songs of 2012

    31 Dec 2012, 19:17 by top20fanatico

    Hey guys what's up?;)
    I thought 2012 it won't be good for the Occidental Pop (American,British,etc...) Commercial and etc... But it was better than I thought.
    I could be into the most part of the new album/songs realeases,but since my musical taste is pretty random and with a great variety,I catch me listening to many phonograph songs (from 1890 till 1920),jazz songs from 20's and 30's and Pop Songs from 50's and 60's,but even with all this things I could planned a chart with the best songs (In My Opinion) of 2012

    WARNING:The songs here are charted just displaying my musical taste and preference about it,I like all songs,but if you asked what you could ONLY hear from 2012,I could say that you should stick with the Top50,but all songs here are pretty amazing tracks :p

    I've got a little lost to choose what the best songs on 2012 (specially about the TOP5),and honestly any one of this songs of the Top5 could take the 1st place but Madonna''s "Masterpiece" is a…