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  • good music
  • Fuck you, Jex-addicts. Nothing wore off but your boner. That being said, the self-titled one is a bit of a pain to access, and so far with little gain too. I'm thinking they should have stuck with the hymnic approach. Let's hope this is just a temporary excurse on a journey yet to continue
  • The magic wore off when Jex left. [4]
  • Quaternity, soundtrack for satanic rites
  • Everything they've done is quality as hell. I really like how they don't/haven't really stick/stuck to one particular style, while keeping the project's theme of dogmatic worship tunes intact.
  • Second is better than the first, IMO, It really takes you there, whereas their first is 'just' songs. [2]
  • Now sure about the new album. That joyous creepiness is gone...
  • Jex Thoth is great, and she was terrific with Sabbath Assembly, but I think the two post-Jex albums are amazing, especially Quaternity. Thoughtful and beautiful, and Jamie's vocals are easy to get lost in.
  • Not very impressive
  • New song is awesome
  • This band just goes downhill as fast as possible since Jex has left. 2nd album was "OK" but nothing that good anymore and now this... it's sad.
  • very good album
  • jex thoth ftw
  • Review of the new album, 'Quaternity' here at
  • New album is boring as hell
  • I was very excited when I knew Jex was in this project I'm a big fan of her, but Jamie is also great, loved her in WITTR, I really liked their two albuns, I hope they release more stuff in the future
  • Jamie Myers brings magic through a looming resonance.
  • The magic wore off when Jex left. [3]
  • The magic wore off when Jex left. [2]
  • love this band
  • Just saw the current lineup live and although I like the second album better, they were quite a disappointment compared to when I saw them 2 years ago. Like a completely different band. :-/
  • In every fucking song they mention fucking jesus and satan, I've never been so annoyed by lyrics until I decided to listen to this band...
  • The magic wore off when Jex left.
  • We Come From the One!
  • Second is better than the first, IMO, It really takes you there, whereas their first is 'just' songs.
  • New album is ok. But first is masterpiece.
  • Indeed, Jex will be missed. Anyway, new album is great.
  • Yup, where is she now?
  • It feels like Jex took most of the magic with her. There's a few songs that I like on the new album but still, most of it sounds just boring.
  • Beautiful
  • Sabbath Assembly interviewed in the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out here:
  • I agree that Restored to One is superior to Ye Are Gods... but both are pretty fucking creepy and eery and hauntingly gorgeous.
  • Totally agree with ThTool and Fleischart :| the magic that was on incredible 'Restored to One' is lost. New album is just fine, after so amazing debut album I was expecting another masterpiece... Bring Jex back to Sabbath Assembly!!
  • Beautiful
  • While I do like the previous album more, Ye Are Gods is super well written and I can't wait to listen to it more.
  • New album is brilliant.
  • New singer is fine... but still, I always need more Jex
  • Jex isn't with them anymore??? What the hell. [2]
  • Jex isn't with them anymore??? What the hell.
  • Jex is so cool in this band 2
  • The music is amazing, but guys, this is really weird
  • I love that there is an occult band that sounds like it could almost be a pop band.
  • I don't pay attention to the occult background and just enjoy the music.
  • please upload the lyrics! [2] most interesting band I've heard in quite a while.
  • As much as I love their music, I realize that the world would never understand them the way they're meant to be understood.
  • Powerful
  • dat is kewl.
  • please upload the lyrics!


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