• Comprehensive Guide to Christian Death Metal - Introduction and Part 1

    6 Apr 2012, 04:06 by mrmichel0927



    Hello! Welcome to the Comprehensive Guide to Christian Death Metal.* Here you will find an enormous list of death metal bands that glorify the person of Jesus Christ with both their lyrics and their lifestyles. This list is intended to help people find new bands. It is split into a number of subgenres. I have done my best to classify each band, but some bands might fall into various categories and so are difficult to pinpoint with exactly one subgenre.

    The format is fairly simple. The band is named, followed by an image of the logo, a photo of the band, and an album of note. This album is simply one that I chose from the band's discography and I felt that it would be the best place to start with the band as well.

    I understand that going through this entire list will take a lot of time. This is why I have split it into subgenres; if you are looking for something in particular…