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Mourning Has Broken

Mourning Has Broken



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  • Less raw power than 2 other albums but freakin hell, evil guitar sound is still there!
  • I really don't get why this album is so frowned upon. It's a true underrated classic, Desmonds Dio-ish vocals really fit the darkened thrash that Sabbat played back in the day. I will go that far and say that I like this album better than Dreamweaver.
  • It gets me that bands will put out an album and then disown it a few years later, acting like it never happened. If their fans want to see any of those songs played live, they are out of luck.. That sucks. How does a band explain something like that away? Some of them give in to the criticism too much. If they're not going to stand behind their work, their integrity/reputation is up for grabs.
  • It's a good album in fact. :) Not as good as the first two, but stil good ebough.It's a shame that the band hates it so much.They even do not have it on their website now, it's not part of their official discography.
  • People go on and on about how bad this is, but I think it's a briliant album in it's own right - Yeah it's not Sabbat as we know them, but it still rules.
  • Sometimes change is needed to stop you getting stuck in your comfort zone,sometimes people need space for a while after an intense band relationship to sort there heads out. The fact that this album was produced under difficult circumstances shows how dedicated to the cause these lads are. Maybe if this album was never made,Andy Sneap wouldn't now be one of the best metal producers in the world. Everything has consequences...
  • This shoulden't have been released under the name Sabbat imo lol, it sounds nothing like when Walkyier was on vocals. On the official Sabbat website they completely disregard this album haha, it isn't even put on the discog page
  • Well, as funny as it may seem, I love this. I partially agree with the user below. This reminds me of FW's "No Exit".
  • this album in most parts always reminded me a mix between fates warning's 'No exit" and Sanctuary/Testament due to the technical thrash/speed metal elements, but yeah, its merely close to the original Sabbat sound or feel but who cares, i really dig this!!!!
  • mediocre...

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