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    The basslines on Sun Sun Sun....WOW!
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  • Avatar for 1Sleep
    Just letting you guys know their new band had a mini album released last month. Be sure to check it out!
  • Avatar for punkrockeralex
    i know how you feel shitsplat, i found sparta local like 5 mounths before they borke up
  • Avatar for Ultramantaro
    Wow, ウララ is so frickin awesome! The bass line makes me smile all the way through. So simple yet so effective ! And I always sing along to the outro !
  • Avatar for polaris_amp
  • Avatar for polaris_amp
    los amo pinches cabrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an hecho mi vida una cosa muy fregonas su musica me manda alo mas arriba
  • Avatar for 1Sleep
    Wow I just found out they broke up FML.
  • Avatar for adamcooleyisdea
    amazing band
  • Avatar for XeroXIII
    @elscorcho5000: Best news I've heard in a while.
  • Avatar for JDAckers
    Vote for new artist for the [url=]Japanese Rock Artist League[/url]! Deadline 3rd June.
  • Avatar for elscorcho5000
    ex-Sparta Locals members are in HINTO
  • Avatar for KIDN3Y
    Why do I always find awesome bands AFTER they break up? D:
  • Avatar for spaceromantic
    does anybody know if abe...or rly any of them are do anything new :( ???
  • Avatar for Tar-Ovat
    Oh no :(
  • Avatar for SirServBot
    I feel sorry for the guy listening to this band, right as they broke up.
  • Avatar for Raid07
    Ah maria maria maria :(
  • Avatar for rifat1984
    what THE LOCALS is disbanded!!!???? damn it! why why why
  • Avatar for XeroXIII
    Yet another great band breaking up. D:
  • Avatar for Ureshii2
    About time. Band's only made 1 good song since Dreamer.
  • Avatar for elscorcho5000
    : (
  • Avatar for piroteki
    what?! what is this all about! i can't believe it... i see the one message on their site, but i don't know enough Japanese to really understand it... and since it's a picture, it's a little hard to stick in a translator for a vague idea. would anyone mind translating?
  • Avatar for azaseptine
    The band decided to disband. ;_; Sad news. The band's last live will be on September 23 at Shibuya AX.
  • Avatar for sen_yi
    Heart is my favourite!
  • Avatar for JDAckers
    [url=]Come and support Sparta Locals in the Japanese Rock Artists League![/url]
  • Avatar for 1Sleep
    I love their self-titled album too! :) Heart is good track too but my fav is cinq~ :)
  • Avatar for TippinMyStuff
  • Avatar for Minoslaf
    'Sparta Locals' is their best album. 'Heart' is beautiful.
  • Avatar for audreybenten
    SPARTA LOCALS US tour date here. 3/20 Japan Nite 1 @ Elysium SXSW Austin TX 3/22 NY @@ Bowery Ballroom 3/23 Cambridge, MA @ T.T. The Bear's 3/24 CHICAGO @ Empty Bottle 3/26 Denver @ Bluebird Theater 3/27 SEATTLE @ High Dive 3/28 SF @ Independent 3/29 LA @ Knitting Factory
  • Avatar for XeroXIII
    Hoping to see them in Cambridge, MA when they come next month. Can't wait.
  • Avatar for wifedotdotdot
    I can't wait to seem them in LA. Seeing Sparta Locals live has been a dream of mine for years!
  • Avatar for adamcooleyisdea
    so great!
    Leecher is really cool
  • Avatar for adamcooleyisdea
    so good!
  • Avatar for Tar-Ovat
    I just realized that Abe's voice is pretty similar to Ishiki's of つばき in some songs.
  • Avatar for spikygoose
    they switched labels / made a new site -
  • Avatar for Rattmuffen
    I can't reach it either; "You don't have permission on this server." it says. Can't find anything useful on Google either, maybe they're remaking their homepage?
  • Avatar for Rattmuffen
    I feel the same way as 1sleep... Listening to Parade now and it kicks ass!
  • Avatar for 1Sleep
    1st track Parade has already blown me awayyy~!
  • Avatar for mumei
    their* and leecher is pretty killer aswell
  • Avatar for kedjiny0
    sun sun sun is there best album
  • Avatar for mono69
  • Avatar for chapulinaaa
  • Avatar for elscorcho5000
    i think it is too, but that doesn't mean it's automatically the best!
  • Avatar for elscorcho5000
    i guess i shouldn't complain. sun sun sun is a good album either way. i just really miss their old sound
  • Avatar for bawitback
    Goin to buy the album today :]
  • Avatar for elscorcho5000
    Sun Sun Sun is their second best. Second Fanfare is their best and if you say otherwise you're mistaken.
  • Avatar for Rattmuffen
    When I hear tokyo ballerina I fell like I'm going to explode!!!! It's so friggin good!!!
  • Avatar for Roub
    MY god <3


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