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  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
    minimal glitch at its finest.
  • Avatar for chlopiec-lat_14
  • Avatar for NeonMoko
  • Avatar for szymonasty
    sweet lord, these reissues are just heavenly marvelous!!!
  • Avatar for adja6kla4ry5ytw
    it's like minimalism of minimalism of mini.... 3.3333~ times
  • Avatar for Lodi_Godi
    Extreme minimalism. Psychodelic. Love it.
  • Avatar for XSTM
    Early house music selection by Mark Fell -
  • Avatar for nick_InZoMNiAC
  • Avatar for xinxinx
    Cream of the minimalist crop.
  • Avatar for mariacool
    another live show:
  • Avatar for adja6kla4ry5ytw
    INNER_03 is so fucking insane
  • Avatar for Stremnaus23
    Молодцы ребята.Ни где не слышал ничего подобного.
  • Avatar for Domeste
    was hating minimal, then SND came into my life
  • Avatar for aginggirl
    Excellent stuff!
  • Avatar for dashd-sh1
    that track on the PAN split is awesome. gonna have to grab some more of their stuff.
  • Avatar for Jeekhopes
    the best in the game
  • Avatar for TangerineStars
    extreme minimalism
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    Not bad at all.
  • Avatar for nick_InZoMNiAC
    Nice minimal heroin
  • Avatar for moe_blunts
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    Agreed. Atavism changed my life.
  • Avatar for InKursion
    atavism still some of the best electronic minimalism ever made imo
  • Avatar for mariacool
    their factmix just posted!
  • Avatar for Zimmerman333
  • Avatar for Pramipexole
    Nope, i checked: only his "Occultation Of... (Mat Steel Extended Remix)" on Manitutshu. I love that song by the way.
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    @mariacool That doesn't actually lead to any active download links. :P @johnnyboy898 Sounds like Atavism in a comprehendible time signature. ^^
  • Avatar for Pramipexole
    4,5,6 is the best ever.
  • Avatar for mariacool
    @Goomba :o)
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to where I could buy or download their album stdio? The name makes it really a pain to Google around for...
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    beatiful indeed
  • Avatar for mariacool
    Please 'like' them on Facebook! (:
  • Avatar for mariacool
    Sorry but your point is doubly valid. They're deliberately and seemingly boring and they're not a "band". This is more like project. Whatever...feel free to hate this, but i love it. Forever. Ground-breaking game for the happy few.
  • Avatar for UntoAshes
    I'm sad to report that this band bores me. I really wanted to like this.
  • Avatar for rodanside
    Newtables vinyl......sweeet
  • Avatar for Orium
  • Avatar for rodanside
    SND is wondrous in tropical weather.
  • Avatar for bagushatesunday
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    please tag this nerd dance for me.
  • Avatar for mariacool
    excellent interview:
  • Avatar for Corblimeyguvnor
    So we're all agreed that it's beatiful then?
  • Avatar for DefaultXR
    I wish I could make drum sounds like they do. I mean... damn!
  • Avatar for DefaultXR
  • Avatar for glamphex
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    i would love to work with you on a non-fiction piece, mariacool. we have to throw post-post-modern in there somewhere and begin the movement.
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
  • Avatar for mariacool
    Studies in postconsciousness and transhumance from nerd-dance and beyond. Briefly: SND (Studying Nerd-Dance) :)
  • Avatar for mariacool
    ne1 da3 rd2 nce4.
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    nerd dance.
  • Avatar for beariksson
    new snd 12"
  • Avatar for loewenhardt


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