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SMiLE.dk is a Swedish pop duo with the singers Malin and Veronica from Sweden. Malin and Veronica met each other in singing school in 1994 and have been best friends ever since. However, they didn’t start working together until the year 2000, when Nina who sang together with Veronica on the first album, wanted to have a solo career, and Malin joined Smile.dk. They celebrated their biggest success in Asia and have achieved superstar status through selling a whole amount of records.

Veronica and Nina first formed their band as Smile and published their first album Smile in 1998. It received wide attention, especially in Japan. Several songs in this album were included in EMI Dancemania compilations, of which one of the songs, "Butterfly", was eventually licensed by Konami into the first version of Dance Dance Revolution. Since then, Butterfly has become one of the most popular songs in Dance Dance Revolution's history.

Smile manages to create many moods and scenarios through their music. Ranging from up-tempo to tender sensitive ballads, and of course the tracks are bound together by the beautiful voices of Malin and Veronica.

Veronica started singing and dancing at the very young age of five. Her first international release was in Japan 1995 with the Swedish group” Look Twice”. She was the lead singer of the band, accompanied by two male rappers – “Vinny” and “Crazy G”. She stayed a part of the band “Look Twice” until the year 1997. Today Veronica lives outside of Malmö. She’s married and in 2004 she became a mom.

Malin started singing and dancing when she was 5 years old. As she got older, Malin performed as a background singer for many popular Swedish musicians. One of her characteristics is her smile. Today Malin lives in Stockholm and she also became a mom in 2005.

This project was brought to life by Robert Uhlmann and Robin Rex. (Robert & Robin had worked together for about a year when they decided to try a new pop project which later turned out to be called Smile .dk). In 1997 they spent the whole summer writing lyrics. The songs then were presented to different record companies in Denmark. Later they signed a contract with EMI.

In 2008, Smile.dk went through some major changes. Signed to a new record label, new producers, and a new band member were just some of the changes.

Due to personal matters, Malin had to leave the group. After the departure, Veronica asked a fellow recording partner, Hanna, to join her in the studio. Hanna is now the newest, and youngest member of Smile.dk. Now Veronica and Hanna are back with Smile.dk producing new music that fans are sure to love! Along with the announcement of returning to the music world, Smile.dk also announced plans several US performances. The future has a lot in store for this duo, so stay tuned!

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