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  • Avatar for XXXStronger
    Apaixonado por History is made at night :3
  • Avatar for igottrouble
    performance de touch me >>> musica
  • Avatar for GrrrlGoneWild
    achei as danças meio "robôticas". [2] maaaaaaaais eu ainda adorei a performance! *-*
  • Avatar for Mister_Nasty
    Muita maldade me fazerem esperar o álbum sair pra ouvir Touch Me e Shake It Out em HQ.
  • Avatar for aleksanderbgu
    a performance foi boa, embora poderia ter mais ação e mais dança, achei as danças meio "robôticas".
  • Avatar for PauloAlmeidda
    I have the solution to who's going to play Marilyn! Maybe they could do two Marilyns, the modern one (Katharine McPhee) and the REAL one (Megan Hilty)! They can intercalate the characters; The modern one could be someone who has Marilyn as Idol and tries to be successful! Then they could change and show the real Marylin and the difficulties of her life! Who watched Julie & Julia? Maybe like that! It could work :)
  • Avatar for PauloAlmeidda
    TOUCH ME WAS AMAZING! Perfect performance, and perfect singer! It couldn't be better! The beggining... WOW! Sooo Marilyn!
  • Avatar for anderson-lo
    Touch Me é ótima,mais achei a performance bem fraquinha .
  • Avatar for ChristineMorgan
    Wow, Touch me was the single worst song I've ever heard. But It supposed to be terrible ("failed experiment"). Please no more music like this.
  • Avatar for Revello1630
    Touch Me and Shake It Out will be on the Smash Soundtrack which is out May 1st!
  • Avatar for aleksanderbgu
    Touch Me não foi lançada no iTunes pois vai estar no álbum ^^
  • Avatar for Mister_Nasty
    Touch Me on iTunes RIGHT NOW! I NEED THAT IN HQ!
  • Avatar for GrrrlGoneWild
    touch me todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Avatar for orange-poisoner
    History is made at night <3.
  • Avatar for HectorOmarRoman
  • Avatar for BrunoPonciano
    Touch me fico ótima.
  • Avatar for caio_lrc
    Ivy ♥
  • Avatar for PauloAlmeidda
    On Lexington & 52nd Street is the best song since "Let Me Be Your Star" *------*
  • Avatar for victorenazzi
    Touch é divina - Ryan Tedder *-*
  • Avatar for porrasociedade
    Gente e essa tabela ;O
  • Avatar for ruthynhasilva
  • Avatar for alveseduardo
  • Avatar for igottrouble
    On Lexington & 52nd Street ❤
  • Avatar for anderson-lo
    1x08 Touch Me, 1x09 Cheers <3 [3]
  • Avatar for PrinceLansten
    Julia quer ser a adultera seja, mas vir de fogo e misturar a vida particular com profissional não pode .... demitir o meu Michael, tipo MEU MICHAEL SWIFT ? Não deixo u.u'
  • Avatar for Revello1630
    Renewed for Season 2 :)
  • Avatar for caio_augusto
    Smash, Touch Me. :p
  • Avatar for GrrrlGoneWild
    touch me *o*
  • Avatar for Revello1630
    1x08 Touch Me, 1x09 Cheers <3 [2]
  • Avatar for felipebarcellos
    1x08 Touch Me, 1x09 Cheers <3
  • Avatar for aleksanderbgu
    next episode with Touch Me <3
  • Avatar for blur-
    Touch Me <3 [12]
  • Avatar for Mister_Nasty
    Touch Me <3 [11]
  • Avatar for porrasociedade
    Touch Me <3 [10]
  • Avatar for MelNunes
    Touch Me <3 [9]
  • Avatar for wholovesme-
    Touch Me <3 [8]
  • Avatar for Revello1630
    Touch Me <3 [7]
  • Avatar for kdubb92
    Touch Me <3 [6]
  • Avatar for felipebarcellos
    Touch Me <3 [5]
  • Avatar for leogosdal
    Touch Me <3 [4]
  • Avatar for anderson-lo
    Touch Me <3 [3]
  • Avatar for leoomessias
    Touch Me <3 [2]
  • Avatar for slave4-
    quero esse cd logo por causa de shake it out <3
  • Avatar for felipebarcellos
    @Lucas-Matronic Não, mas shake it out tá confirmado no album
  • Avatar for Lucas-Matronic
    shake it out e who you are realmente não foram lançadas como singles??
  • Avatar for igottrouble
    Mais duetos Will Chace e Megan Hilty, por favor ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for addams_r
  • Avatar for dickyfriz
    Touch Me ♥
  • Avatar for aleksanderbgu
    Touch Me é o 1st single do álbum da série que sai em Maio.
  • Avatar for aleksanderbgu


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