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Shooting Spree is a vicious mincegrind / powerviolence from Squamish, BC, Canada. Lyrical content is mostly about the harsh realities of addiction and drug culture. Includes current and ex-members of Obacha, War Hero, Hyperemesis, Cryptician and Primitive Surgery.

Official Pages

- 'Die' Demo Tape (19 copies)
- 'Mince, You Bastards!' (CD-R, 50 copies)
- 4-Way Split w/ Stabbed to Death, Throbbing Continuum Of Fuck & Colombian Necktie (Tape, 100 copies)
- 'Raw Pulverizing Brick To The Face' (CD-R, 50 copies)
- 3-Way Split w/ Bridgeburner & Hyperemesis (Tape, 100 Copies)
- 3-Way Split w/ Total Hipster Crusher & Humanity? (Tape)

- Consequence / Shooting Spree (Split 12" LP)
- 4-Way Split w/ Tu Sufres, Taint Snipe & Throbbing Continuum of Fuck
- Kanker / Shooting Spree (Split 7" EP)
- 4-Way w/ Ahna, Bridgeburner & Six Brew Bantha (Split 12" LP)

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