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1. SiK (S.i.K.) is a german punkband. They're playing a hard and straight form of german punk rock.
They've found the label and mailorder/shop Nix-Gut Rec. the most famous one in Germany (www.nix-gut.de).
They played 2 times on the biggest european punk festival (Force Attack!).
Visit the website: www.sik-punk.de

2. S.I.K. (Silicone Impregnated Krunch) was a hardcore/thrash band from New Orleans, LA. (1990-1991)
Members were : Al Pitre - Drums, Mike Reed - Guitars (lead), Bobby Bergeron - Guitars (rhythm), Rod Miller - Bass, Chris "Pig" Poleto - Vocals
Visit the website: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/S.I.K./3540280438

3. SiK is a metal band from Dallas, Texas. It was formed in 2000. Though the band name is written without dots, their music is getting scrobbled to this site.
Visit the website: http://www.sik1.com/

4. S.I.K. is a romanian hip-hop project started by Seb and I-gura

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