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S.E.S. is a popular K-Pop group. Along with H.O.T, it was popular in the 90s, and S.E.S. was considered the female version of H.O.T. Both groups were created by Lee Soo Man, head of SM Entertainment, after Lee asked teenagers what they wanted in their music groups. He had planned in advance to have these Korean groups branch out to other nations, and having members speak in other languages helped his cause. S.E.S. was the first outstandingly successful female K-pop group, although they did not survive unchallenged: groups like Fin.K.L and Baby V.O.X were always waiting in the wings. Although an intense rivalry developed between S.E.S. and Fin.K.L fans, members of both groups have always stated that there was no rivalry and that they in fact were friends. However, while S.E.S. managed to consistently have high sales numbers for their albums (beating out all other female groups), it was Fin.K.L who went away with the 대상 (Daesang, the Korean equivalent of the Grammy Award) for "Artist of the Year". S.E.S. broke up at the end of 2002, and its members have gone solo to varying degrees of success.

* Bada (바다; Sea) – real name Choi Sung-Hee (Hangul: 최성희, Hanja: 崔盛希).
* Eugene (유진) – real name Kim Yoo-Jin (Hangul: 김유진, Hanja: 金流真).
* Shoo () – real name Yoo Soo-Young (Hangul:유수영, Hanja:柳水永).

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