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  • Avatar for derek_trash
    a shit don't give about jeeeeeesuuuuuus, busy me too high getting
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    they're writing new stuff. check out other bands members of rwake are involved in
  • Avatar for DoomRooster
    They played a show in Little Rock the other night, and are playing in California on Halloween. Maybe (hopefully) a tour is coming??
  • Avatar for alexi1000
    ...seems they' re never coming back...:-(
  • Avatar for derbara
    Nagarachi oO Fell in love...
  • Avatar for Pandemoniumxx
    new album cannot be described by words
  • Avatar for Motorcat88
    Yes, new album, please!
  • Avatar for alexi1000
    ...almost 3 years without new recordings...these guys still together???
  • Avatar for tcallahan
    could use more merch from these guys
  • Avatar for sebaxxxtian +++ - doom crust from buenos aires argentina
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    in the name of satan, re-record Absence Due To Projection !
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    badass picture is back, hell yeah
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Dying Spiral Galaxies!
  • Avatar for Divine-Empyreal
    If you like, please check out my instrumental project. I tried to mix Doom Metal with New Age music, and Ethnic Folk. My debut was released a week ago. You can either download, or listen to the whole album, for free at here: They are all listenable also at here, Please do give me your criticism, feedback, idea and comment on it, at my user page, or at the artist shoutbox. Best regards and thank you!! \m/
  • Avatar for trainsniffer
    i don't give a shit about jesus, i just want to get high
  • Avatar for BeardSwang
    А то! Так то четко посоны слабали.
  • Avatar for evlnix
    Да после Оменс воще ничего не надо больше
  • Avatar for BeardSwang
    Бляааааааать, да после Войсес оф оменс не надо больше вейка. В пезду.
  • Avatar for xGrouchx
  • Avatar for Jimstayahead1
    New review: The Forge 7" by Rwake, out know via Handshake Inc. at
  • Avatar for Markuuu
    French sludge/doom with a hint of blackened hardcore for fans of Rwake, Gloomy Sunday, Ufo Gestapo, Electric Wizard : (1st EP / free download / name your price : 0$).
  • Avatar for goatorgy
    not enough listeners- support the fucking greatest sludghe band since eyehategod
  • Avatar for A--E
    сразу заметно что пендосы.
  • Avatar for Hopkinator
    That sounds awesome.
  • Avatar for dus-tin
    even with the vocalist throwing up all during their set, they were one of the highlights at MDF
  • Avatar for NautilusMattila
    The album Voices of Omens really brings me memories from the time few years ago when I drove over some skateboarding teenager. I managed to get free of charges, but I still get bad looks in the neighborhood. People say that I did that intentionally, but the reality is, I was so wasted I can't remember what went through my head at the exact moment. I still listen to this album every now and then to remind myself that I have the power to overcome all the challenges god places in front of me.
  • Avatar for DroneWorship
    Space, Death and Drugs
  • Avatar for DoomRooster
    They have an awesome 7 inch of live material coming out via Handshake Inc. Looks amazing!
  • Avatar for tricksterc
    You can feel the sludge dripping off their riffs...and it feels good.
  • Avatar for Batcountry12
    so good
  • Avatar for Maquina_Muerte
    In case you think this band's latest album qualifies as one of the best releases of 2011, then please tag their latest album (on the album page) as "best metal and hard rock albums of 2011” and help us create best of charts according to metal and hard rock fans on Thank you. For more info:
  • Avatar for collapse_94
    Voice Of Omens is one of the best sludge albums of all time!
  • Avatar for wreckyourself82
    The Culling = What a trip!
  • Avatar for fuck-hate
  • Avatar for silentEviL_
    новый альбом восхитителен! Самый показательный атмосферный сладж альбом.
  • Avatar for standard_user
    Rest is amazing. take note Mastodon haha
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Voices of Omens!
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform <- review'd and stuff.
  • Avatar for Ijux
  • Avatar for Worm-Infested
    it is later than you think
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    no, racial slurs are just hilarious
  • Avatar for Riffgott
    check out my review for "Rest" here:
  • Avatar for UglySyntaxError
    everything they ever did is great - so is rest. top 10 of 2011
  • Avatar for Steel_Erection
    The new album is awesome, but people need to go back and listen to the older albums! Voices of Omens is one hell of an album that needs more plays!
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    You have 0 plays of artists you've added to your library and racial slurs aren't "slightly negative"
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    Oh It's a troll. When will I learn.
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    Well look at his Username, dusios. He got one thing right.
  • Avatar for dusiosmarvos
    dont get your panties in a twist, grip. lay off on the racism
  • Avatar for P_Function
    cracker are you deaf? they go perfectly with the brooding instrumentation.
  • Avatar for Rock-A-Rolla
    Rwake interviewed in the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out/grab your copy here:


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