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  • Avatar for ThisDominon
    Came for Send Me On My Way and stayed for everything else
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  • Avatar for Valadia
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE YOU SO MUCH ;__;
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    It's that time of year again! Mr. Smalls Recording Studio is once again hosting the Real.Life.Music Camp, a one week experience where a wide variety of young musicians of every persuasion and skill level learn fundamental tools to help hone their musical passions. Developed and directed by Liz Berlin of Rusted Root, this unique opportunity offers young musicians invaluable knowledge, experience, and resources that will help guide them towards success in the music industry.
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  • Avatar for JustAStatistic
    FREE Drowning Clowns (featuring Liz Berlin) show TOMORROW at Mr. Smalls Theatre!!
  • Avatar for Brugelida
    Hahah yeaahhh Matilda! :)
  • Avatar for Dack47
    Matilda xD
  • Avatar for Egneh
  • Avatar for lachieguy
    No road trip mix is complete without Send Me On My Way.
  • Avatar for fairose17
    I would go on their concert even if they only sang Send Me On My Way for 3 hours [3]
  • Avatar for JeckylnHyde2010
    I heard about them from American Dad...
  • Avatar for hummer_
    I work in a call center and the call waiting song is Send Me On My Way. Customers never get tired. Really.
  • Avatar for SoylentBlack
    Finally on I almost forgot how much I love this hippie shit
  • Avatar for zZandry
    She Roll Me Up
  • Avatar for avellah
    I would go on their concert even if they only sang Send Me On My Way for 3 hours [2] :))
  • Avatar for kwokwokwo
    Понастоящему классная песня которая из мульта Ледниковый период))
  • Avatar for theaago
    Matildaa! =D
  • Avatar for CroScorpiuS
    I would go on their concert even if they only sang Send Me On My Way for 3 hours
  • Avatar for OhDarlingHakoe
    Searching the OST from Ice Age II, I have found this guys..that was amazingly! Hippie, Indie, and beauty vocal) Like i fall in love
  • Avatar for DirtySnowball
    upon rediscovering Send Me On My Way, it became my most listened to song within 2 days
  • Avatar for bradnowell
    Just saw these guys last week. Such an enjoyable show. I had a blast.
  • Avatar for ktatonik
    amo esta pone muy de buenas...........
  • Avatar for charlietimber
    Send Me On My Way ♥ EPIC!
  • Avatar for jasongallag79
    ditto ditto ditto
  • Avatar for fierykite
    love love love
  • Avatar for Erikmar
    I just discovered them thanks to a friend and got obsess
  • Avatar for GeorgiEMH
    Send me on my way - Possibly one of my favouritest songs. In life. ever.
  • Avatar for learntoflyy
    I love RR to my hippie times.
  • Avatar for emptysustenance
    i can't conceive how one being can listen to Send Me On My Way and not want to check out any other songs.
  • Avatar for sergsvist
    Лучшая их песня - Civil War The Best Their Song - Civil War
  • Avatar for Relpan welcome friends
  • Avatar for bluestringling
    Incredible music, and amazing to listen to when you're stoned
  • Avatar for Elementree1
    Please check our music out for fans of: Sublime, 311, Pepper, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rebelution, Bob Marley, Michael Franti, SOJA, Slighty Stoopid....ect We are a fresh new band out of Cincinnati Ohio, genre bending music and a message that must be heard. Our last fm page is: Our myspace page is: Our homepage is: U.N.I.T.Y.
  • Avatar for ramennoodles
    they were so great at spaghettifest!
  • Avatar for OneBigNuisance
    It's been 20 years since I heard when I woke, WTF have they been doing?
  • Avatar for fifi3006
    i agree Matilida really did, everytime i hear, on my way i think of the film :)
  • Avatar for SunRay1991
    Matilda made this band! [6]
  • Avatar for Feedbekkon
    Matilda made this band! [5]
  • Avatar for Jorddds
    Matilda made this band! [4]
  • Avatar for dmarie101
    wish these guys would come to Phoenix. would love to see them live!
  • Avatar for Porgeface
    I expected more listeners! amazing band! :)
  • Avatar for right33
    i plan to give each of their albums a few listens, great band
  • Avatar for KeithKokain
    They're really such an amazing group, you'd think they'd have more listeners, but I guess a lot of people don't know anything other than Send Me On My Way by them.
  • Avatar for jess502
    Goes way beyond the Ice Age track...When I Woke is quite a great album.
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  • Avatar for spiffycoolguy
    Presented a wonderful show in Anchorage, AK - absolutely fantastic!


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