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Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves


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  • There could not be Moving Pictures without Permanent Waves. It radiates so much positive energy, you can immeditely tel they were happy making it.
  • Natural Fucking Science. [2]
  • the fucking spirit of fucking radio
  • Jacob's Fucking Ladder.
  • Natural Fucking Science.
  • Their best
  • [url=http://www.last.fm/group/Music+Advice+Center/forum/40095/_/175103/11#f19846523]Permanent Waves or Signals?[/url]
  • Pure perfection.
  • My favorite for sure!!! :D :D :D :D
  • This album kicks so much ass.
  • surely my favourite by Rush... there is nothing wrong about this album. it's a timeless classic.
  • Rush's finest moment.
  • Maybe my favorite Rush album.
  • you can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice, if you choose not to decide, you've still have made a choice.
  • Probably their best album. Natural Science and The Spirit Of Radio are so awesome....
  • Awesome disc.
  • Rush at their peak. Freewill solo is astounding.
  • The Spirit Of Radio
  • Rush - Practice Makes Perfect - 09-08-1979 << Great & rare Rush live !! >> http://theevilmonkeysrecords.blogspot.it/2012/04/rush-practice-makes-perfect-09-08-1979.html
  • Spirit of the radio opening and natural science closing? Wow?? :D
  • My favourite Rush album. It starts excellent and just keeps getting better, until my favourite rush song - Natural Science beautifully closes the album. And after it quietly finishes, I don't desire to hear anything else, but just sit and enjoy what I experienced... if that makes any sense.
  • The PERFECT waves ! Perfect from beggining to end. [6] Huh ? Where is [4] ?
  • это отлично
  • Perfect from beggining to end. [2]
  • Perfect from beggining to end. Their best album for me.
  • Mainstream? I think you've used the wrong word there my friend haha
  • Can you download any of these songs onto an mp3 player? And if so do you have to pay for them?
  • I'll be damned if this record isn't flawless.
  • 10 / 10
  • the whole album revolves around Jacobs Ladder
  • Their best album! [4]
  • "Marks the beginning of when Rush started to go mainstream." Look up the definition of a word before you falsely use it. *facepalm*
  • damn good album - this is natural science, eh?
  • Their best album! [3]
  • On par with Moving Pictures.
  • probably my favorite rush album....
  • Different Strings... such a beautiful song.
  • Great album. Better than "A Farewell To Kings". Marks the beginning of when Rush started to go mainstream.
  • Their best album![2]
  • I love Xanadu, but I think I love Natural Science more. That song is just so epic. They played both tunes on one of the first tours I went to (right after Rush in Rio came out) and Natural Science thoroughly blew my mind.
  • The bass is fucking perfect all throughout this album. But then so is the guitar. And the drums. In any case, this one of my favourite Rush albums for bass.
  • Their best album!
  • Amazin... Jacobs Ladder has to be the best combination of sound to lyric ever dreamed up :)
  • I like this better than Moving pictures . YYZ ,Witch Hunt And The Camera Eye are all the radio hasn't completely destroyed for me. And are More or less my favs from that LP. I would be hard pressed to pic between The Camera Eye and Natural Science as one being better than the other. As far as rating the songs from this LP it depends on my mood. One mood will rate some songs first as another mood might rate them low. I actually prefer the last three songs over the first three. But that changes when my mood swings.
  • What? Who said Xanadu is better than Natural Science? Lies! But at least we can all agree than both are incredible.
  • Fuckin' amazing album. Natural Science is one of the greatest tracks they made.
  • Jacob's Ladder is so powerful.
  • öfshnatzen de rötz


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