• Steve Negus Of SAGA To Release Solo Album Through Cyclone Records

    11 Nov 2008, 15:31 by musicdish

    Steve Negus, the powerhouse behind the multi-platinum selling prog rock band Saga for over 20 years has now released a solo project that captures his signature drumming and songwriting in uncompromising style.

    Aptly called "Dare to Dream", the album is comprised of 11 tracks drawn from years of material written during and after the Saga era and is a very personal reflection on his career to date and in looking towards the future. Featuring a guest appearance by Jim Gilmour of Saga fame and also veterans Al Langlade and Mark Severn (who died shortly after the project was completed), the album is diverse and compelling, drawing the listener in with complex rhythms, insightful lyrics and catchy hooks.

    Steve Negus has this to say: "I have every confidence in label owner Brad Trew's abilities to represent my best interests with the release of my first solo CD "Dare to Dream" and subsequent releases. …
  • Playlist 11.10.2008 Odin Hour 21.00 - 1.30 auf Neurobeat Radio

    10 Oct 2008, 22:38 by odin242

    1. Wenn es sein muss - dann aber sofort (0:37)
    2. 5F-X - Coordinates E6° 59' 0" - N51° 34' 0" (5:44)
    3. Zeta 3 - Excalibur (Radio Mix) (5:12)
    4. Mass Kotki - Sweet Melody (3:12)
    5. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Chronovisor Mix) (6:21)
    6. Boyd Rice And Daniel Miller - Cleanliness And Order (2:50)
    7. Calle Della Morte - Tardo Autunno (4:58)
    8. Raison d'Etre - Euphrosyne (3:52)
    9. Shivaree - Goodnight Moon (4:03)
    10. And Also The Trees - Anchor Yard (3:58)
    11. He Said - Watch, Take Care (8:39)
    12. Passion Noire - World's Decay (4:31)
    13. :Golgatha: - Garden Of Love (v.II) (2:47)
    14. Michael Cretu - Zeitlose Reise (3:20)
    15. Weihan - Het Eenzame Pad (3:57)
    16. Bile - Rubber Love (6:01)
    17. Latin Quarter - America For Beginners (5:20)
    18. Rupert Hine - The Curious Kind (4:47)
    19. Windir - Ætti Mørkna (7:42)
    20. Another Tale - The Light (3:57)
    21. Sly & Hunter - No More Vision (6:40)
    22. We Be Echo - Alleycat (4:25)
  • Two nights with Rush

    11 May 2008, 04:30 by drumdave

    Tue 6 May – Rush
    Thu 8 May – Rush

    Go here to see my Rush Pictures from the show.

    This past week I was able to see Rush twice at the brand new Nokia Live Theater in Los Angeles, or as Neil Peart may say, a very "large mobile phone manufacturer" Live Theater in Los Angeles. Both shows were great but ended up being entirely different experiences as my concert karma continues to be at an all time high.

    Tuesday night I went with Greg, a co-worker of mine. He had picked us up tickets shortly after they went on sale. Once we found our seats we realized we didn't have the closest seats in the place and determined that the seating chart on Ticketmaster was slightly misleading. Nevertheless we enjoyed the two and a half hour show.

    For Thursday night I had bought a single ticket right as they went on sale and was able to score a 12th row center. The seat was much better, the sound was much better and this was the closest I had been for a Rush show in over 10 years.

  • Lyrics quiz: A Column of Figures That Totals Something Different Every Time

    27 Sep 2006, 04:05 by alfvaen

    Been too long since I did a lyrics quiz thingy, so here it is. This is not really a random selection of songs--in fact, it's one of my favourite-song tapes--and I'll probably do the opening tracks unless they're a complete giveaway or totally incomprehensible, in which case I'll pick them from somewhere else. Mistakes are probably mine, since I often try to reconstruct them from memory, rather than Googling all of them...

    1. Come on baby come on give me
    Come give your love to me again
    And send me across the water

    2. (Ooh, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny) There is a time for tears
    (Ooh, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny) You won't make it any better
    Goodbye Lucille #1

    3. And my sex is somewhere in Texas
    But my heart is in a safer place

    4. {title}, you never gave me a reason to doubt you
    {title}, you never gave me much of anything at all

    5. Honey, why you always laugh when you see me hurt so bad
    Tell me what I did to you, babe, to make you act like that

    6. The ground was red, the ground was white
  • Milla: The Divine Comedy (1994)

    8 Apr 2006, 18:51 by Progbear

    Milla Jovovich. Model. Actress. Singer. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it?

    Well, surprise! The Divine Comedy is actually quite a wonderful album; arty singer/songwriter folk (yes, most of the tunes are written or co-written by Milla herself) with an enchanting medieval touch. She’s given ample support from producer Rupert Hine, as well as a supporting cast of talented veteran session players, including but not limited to Caravan’s/Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s Geoff Richardson and The Hooters’ Eric Bazilian.

    Milla’s voice sounds eerily like Tori Amos at times. I’m sure it’s the result of both of them being strongly influenced by Kate Bush (these days, it’s hard to find a female singer/songwriter who is not!)