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  • Avatar for raulank
    So obvious is great and I ain't fake... I just have no idea where do I have theirs songs from.
  • Avatar for Mario_57
    haha damn this is the worst shoutbox on lastfm... so many fake users
  • Avatar for irthesteve
    Over It are coming backkkkkk, thank god.
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  • Avatar for AMAAS
    Listening to Runner Runner hurts me. 5 great musicians with endless potential writing basic, generic, bland dance pop songs. It's disappointing on soooo many levels. I hope they all snap out of this soon, so they can reach their potential.
  • Avatar for tacianalima
    *o* <3
  • Avatar for mustachepedro
    Hey everybody - thanks for supporting Ryan Ogren and the runner runners!
  • Avatar for shelayus
    does anyone kno where should I download their albums?? suggest pls!
  • Avatar for ThiagoWallisson vote!
  • Avatar for k_sergeev
    pretty nice band
  • Avatar for imamelonfucker
    So Obvious.♥
  • Avatar for musichype
    Come and check out how you can win a personalized version of "I Can't Wait" sung by Ryan
  • Avatar for Cazzeyy
    come to australia!
  • Avatar for nevr2l84fob
    If you like Runner Runner you might like The Summer Set. Check out The Summer Set playing their new song Someone Like You here:
  • Avatar for Justine1994
    unstoppable <33
  • Avatar for tD77
    These guys aren't bad, but Over It will always be far better.
  • Avatar for pattyt18
    Everyone must check out Runner Runner's "I Can't Wait" here
  • Avatar for Agattxinha
  • Avatar for edgemin
    Download Hey Alli for FREE! iTunes Single of The Week
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  • Avatar for stphan1
  • Avatar for SashaPrestig
    Как то грустно играют
  • Avatar for rihx3
    Back To Go Again ♥
  • Avatar for rokop
    So Obvious
  • Avatar for thunder__
    Really good. I love So Obvious
  • Avatar for rihx3
    I'm so addicted to this band. They're amazing! :)
  • Avatar for Miniartx
  • Avatar for silks182
    eles são de mais!
  • Avatar for nicholasjfan
    wow, their really great. <3
  • Avatar for BelaCampanha1
    So obvious is cool!
  • Avatar for deathpetrol
    dedicate <3
  • Avatar for justshrley
    the first time i heard this guys. I completely feel in love with their song "so obvious" love the rhythm it has and what it says. That every time it plays on my ipod or music library. I higher the volume. and rock out to it.. soo good! they also have very catchy songs. like "see you around" is another the effort that they put in every song. I can't wait till their full album comes out. wanna it. :)) such a good band! hopefully they come to city near me..or warped tour.. would be soo awesome. maybe have a chance in meeting them. that'll be soo nice. and get to know them.. :))
  • Avatar for shadowgirl618
    Runner Runner is one of the most unique bands I have ever come across. Bringing together the best of five members and their variety of talents, Runner Runner boasts popularity through their melodies of pop rock and songs like "So Obvious" and "Papercuts," that are easily relatable with lyrics that are easy to remember. They are on the road to absolute success with tour dates all over the country and potentially abroad. Runner Runner always appreciates their fans and keeps in touch with them through various social networking means, like Facebook and Twitter, and always makes time to meet them after shows. Look out, America, Runner Runner is paving their way to success!
  • Avatar for victorialynn8
    Runner Runner has the ultimate triple threat: incredibly fun and catchy music, amazing and dance-worthy live performances, and most importantly, the sweetest and most genuine band members known to man! :) You will not regret giving them a listen or catching one of their shows. Before you know it, they'll be your favorite band too!
  • Avatar for nikeroo
    GAH I love these guys. They grown so much from OVER IT. I love the new direction they went. I cant wait for the new cd. If you havent already be sure to check them out at
  • Avatar for nikeroo
    GAH I love these guys. They grown so much from OVER IT. I love the new direction they went. I cant wait for the new cd. If you havent already be sure to c
  • Avatar for deliaa_
    This is such a great band. I am super stoked for their album to finally release, i just know i'm going to be playing it 24/7
  • Avatar for onelovah
    runner runner is amazing. i love all of the songs. i am sure anyone that listens can find a song they can relate to. i cant wait to see them & meet them oct 28th!
  • Avatar for tacianalima
    <3 amo
  • Avatar for alvinitaly87
    good band!!
  • Avatar for coeurdoux
    Runner Runner is seriously one of my favorite bands right now. Not only is their music super catchy and amazing.. they are some of the nicest dudes out there! Give them a listen and you'll be hooked.. trust me. :]
  • Avatar for honeybunz123
    Runner Runner always gives me chills. I love them so much! They are among my top 3 bands. Angels & Airwaves hijacking #1 & RR coming in #2 & Blink 182 in spot #3.
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  • Avatar for fuckzack
    So did the band send shit loads of fans to tell how this terrible band is good. JOKE.


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