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  1. カルペディエム (Carpe diem) is an indies visual kei band that formed in late 2011. They have been on indefinite hiatus since July 2015.


  2. yazzmad was a Japanese band formed on April 5th 2010 by ナオキ (Naoki) , former vocalist of 斜GIRL and otoiro. They announced their disbandment…

  3. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  4. Japanese new wave band formed in 2012, disbanded on November 14, 2015.

    Vo. 長澤佑哉 (yuya nagasawa) (ex-ヴィデオグラマァ)
    Gu. 浅野麻人 (asato asano)
    Ba. 春日賀賀…

  5. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  6. ハイパーポケット / hyper pocket are a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan, active since 2011.

    Current members:
    Vocal … ノビ太 (nobita) (→ 遺伝子組換こども会)

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  8. 蟋蟀 - Ko-Rogi -
    Visual kei band from Tokyo.

    Vocal: 竜之佑 (ex.サリエリ, ex.アネギド, now in コワレモノ)
    Guitar: Nariaki (ex.Nodis, now in Rain to…

  9. Formerly 電影グラマァ. They changed their name to ヴィデオグラマァ (videoglamour) in 2009, due to members leaving.

    Vocal: yu-ya (佑哉)
    Bass: nali (儺俐)…

  10. http://www.dummy-xd.com/

    2010/02 ~

    Vocal&Guitar … アンク
    Guitar … 高麗 匠 ex-Moran (velo), ex-DIMMDIVISION. (匠)
    Bass … 市川 憲人
    Drums … Shintaro


  11. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  12. トーマス (THOMAS) was a Japanese indie band formed in 2008 by ex-otoiro guitarist Toshi. With syn, Zun and Hazime he formed a band with a fresh…

  13. Vocals: Sho-ka
    Guitars: Tatsuya
    Bass: Ikka
    Drums: Haru

    They were a visual-genre band whose concept…

  14. nüe is a visual kei band from Tokyo. They started their activities on 2014/10/20 and are currently signed at Starwave Records.

    Vocal: 田嶋武敏(Tajima…

  15. Lament. is visual kei band from Japan formed in 2010

    Vo. 悠歌-youka- (ex.Lloyd-ロイド-)
    Gt. 依介-isuke- (ex.Lloyd-ロイド-)
    Ba. DAMI (Support)

  16. レクレンズ (Reclens) is a electro rock band from Japan, Tokyo that started its activities in October 2010.
    At their first live on October 16 they…

  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. マーブル / MARBLE

    Commander: 翔馬 (Sho)

    Support guitar: 純一(from Leonhaldt)
    Support guitar: 崇宏
    Support bass: N.A.O★
    Support drum: 健一郎(from…

  19. (2011 - present)

    DEZERT (f.k.a. Acid Cherry King) is a Japanese Visual Kei band who had their debut in 2011 September .

    DEZERT members:
    Vocal :…


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