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1. Ultra screamy emoviolence/hardcore band from Des Moines, Iowa formed during early 2000. Members of In Loving Memory, Eclipse of Eden and later on Love Lost But Not Forgotten.

In March of 2000 Rue Morgue recorded in Dameon's living room with the help of Andy Koettel of Captain Three Leg fame. What came of these recording sessions were eight tracks of screaming chaotic hardcore. CD-R's were burned, packaging was made, and 100 copies of this self titled release were available at shows.

Eight recorded songs down and eight months after forming in the spring, Rue Morgue was to be no more. November of 2000 was their last month in existence. Multiple factors cited the breakup of the band, including Scott moving to St. Louis, Joe moving to Sioux City after the breakup of Eclipse of Eden, and Spencer not wanting to do vocals anymore. Chris went on to play guitar in Nuclear Kicks. Dameon would go on to perform in In Loving Memory for a short bit and then form This Dialogue, Scott went on to perform in Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Joe's main focus was Swing By Seven in Sioux City, and Spencer continued to play in In Loving Memory.

Members were:
Dameon Parker - Guitar
Spencer Williams - Vocals
Scott Fogelbach - Vocals
Tasha (Tasia) Parker - Bass
Joe Ross - Drums
Chris Davis - Guitar

2. Germany Heavy Metal Band!

Rue Morgue 1990:

1. Two Steps to Heaven
2. Palladium One
3. Memorial
4. Rest in Peace
5. Dark Side of the Light
6. Walking in Silence

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