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Ru:natic formed in Osaka in 2008, however they didn't become publically active until early 2010. They were produced by HIDEAKI, who is the former bassist of DAS:VASSER. Ru:natic's sound and image is reminiscent of later 90's visual-kei, with dark and aggressive melodies and heavy gothic rock influence. Originally, the band was signed to Ele-Music, which is a visual-kei label that specializes in bands of this nature, such as Vallquar and RounoiЯ.

Just like a lot of visual-kei bands cerca 1998, Ru:natic has gone through several line-up changes even though they only formally started activities recently. Their first vocalist, Sachi, is supposedly the singer for their two demo-tapes 生命ノ…青ィ糸ガ… and 事実からハ…逃レらレなィ…コノ楽園歌で… which contained covers of bands like Madeth Gray'll and La:Sadie's; however, these tapes are extremely hard to come by and his activity with the band is left purely up to speculation. Their second vocalist, Tomo, participated in all three of their 2010 releases. It is not known why, or exactly when, he left the band, but he was promptly removed from the band's OHP and Amebla blogs without any explanation. However, when the next photo shoot of the band emerged, it was clear that they had added drummer Nao to the line-up.

In 2011, Ru:natic participated in Arc's sponsored omnibus, Stand Up Sonic. This was their second time participating in an omnibus release and their first release since the departure of Tomo. Based off of blog pictures of the band, it would appear that they have found a yellow haired support vocalist who supposedly made his first appearance on this omnibus. After a video preview was released for their first 2011 single, it would appear that they in fact never used a support vocalist. Starting in 2011 Kijin, their bassist, took the role as vocalist. Both Kijin and Tokkiy alternate as the bassist, but presumably , Kijin plays the part in recording and Tokkiy plays during lives. To add to the volitlie line-up history, it was announced that Nao would depart from the band in late May, 2011.

Once the band became a three member group, they released a promotional video for their song "精神欲求不安定," which was rerecorded to feature Kijin on as the vocalist. Although this action would imply that a new release was in production, no official distribution of this song was made. Instead, the band announced that they would be on hiatus from activities for a while, but had the connotation that their return was actually intended.

After a few months of no activity, it was announced that Kei would be leaving the band due to personal reasons. However, on the same night 舜華-Shunka- joined the band as their new bassist. Additionally, a new mini-album was announced for release for November of 2012. After the dissolution of his next band, Nao did appear with Ru:natic several times as a support drummer. Unfortunately, the band then went quiet and the mini-album was never released. For almost a year, the band ceased activities. In May of 2013, they reappeared and released a live-limited single 裏メニュー(海賊版). In June, it was announced that they had left Ele-Music and would be producing themselves. Again, the mini-album "Memory" was announced for a September 2013 debut. Unlike past releases, this album was intended to be released at several chains of CD stores, potentially making it more widely available.

Ru:natic members:

Ba.→Vo.+Ba.→Vo. Charisma Kijin
Gu.→ Gu.+Ba.→ Gu. Tokkiy
Ba. 舜華 (Shunka) (ex RounoiЯ)

Former members:

Vo. Tomo (left ???? 2010)
Vo. Sachi
Dr. Sigezo
Dr. Nao (left May 2011 and went to Viscaria)
Gu. Kei (left 8/28/2012)


事実からハ…逃レらレなィ…コノ楽園歌で… (xx.xx.2008)
生命ノ…青ィ糸ガ… (xx.xx.2008)
血塗ラレタ招待状 (1.19.2010)
導カレ・・・血爛レタ人体 (3.24.2010)
Cure New Age Collections Vol. 2 (5.21.2010)
黒涙デ・・・終幕ヲ・・・ (6.5.2010)
Stand Up Sonic V.A. (1.26.2011)
裏メニュー(海賊版) (5.26.2013)
Memory (9.4.2013)

Old OHP:
New OHP:

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