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  • I Read Somewhere That Royce Is Officially Free!!!, and he has two new tracks the dream & The Return Of Malcolm
  • Death is certain, dope album and track. Something's wrong with him is one you guys need to listen to more.
  • hope he gets out soon.....
  • WHAT WOULD YOU DO, damn fu*king nice track! (:
  • I think If there was less Sucka free and Hauss Dooley the mixtape woulda been better
  • the new m.i.c. records mixtape is sweet
  • Royce you better be getting your Pac on and writing like crazy in prison. Independents Day was ok, but i want some more dark, gritty shit.
  • don't he look like Eazy E without a jherri curl in that pic.......he looks like LL without his shades on like in Beef 2 he's wearin an LL type bucket hat, looks just like him.
  • If its jail I highly doubt he is.If its prison then he might be.
  • Blue_Key i second that . . .
  • Hope he's not getting buttfucked in jail
  • KE3
    Umm, Boom is so hard. Something's Wrong with him is my fave Royce track, its like unexplainable. Drunk driving isn't no joke IMO, but if he didn't hurt anyone I hope he's out soon.
  • All Join R5'9 Group :::
  • 21 September 2007 ?
  • *spam* Royce Da 5'9 fan ? Join Da 5'9/ *end of spam*
  • Hes gonna be hungry as hell when he gets out
  • Can a nigga get a FREE ROYCE t?!!?!?
  • Jail aint good for creativity.
  • free royce!
  • jail will be good for royce he'll come out with some fresh ideas and some good lyrics for songs
  • shit caught me by suprise free dat nigga royce though
  • in germany you mostly lost your license but you mostly go not into jail oO
  • free royce
  • drunk drivers deserve hanging. long live royce the band from the windy city.
  • Lol, since he's locked up, all, lets start listening to [b]Off Parole[/b].
  • Hes locked up for a year for DUI (Driving Under Influence)...what bullshit, FREE THE KING OF DETROIT
  • wtf?! why?
  • Free Royce
  • Yeah Royce got locked up this week for a year :( FREE ROYCE!
  • Is It True 5'9 Got Locked Up For A Year????
  • ditto to dancefloorgasm, we want the band ROYCE listed!!!
  • Yeah neal I never liked Boom til I heard the RJD2 blend . . . what a masterpiece.
  • There's a band called Royce too...
  • BOOM! BAM! ... GOD-DAMN!
  • If you enjoy this artist you should join the [group]Underground Hip-Hop[/group] group. See you there.
  • KE3
    If it happens it will be another 4.5 album possibly with him and Premo. Thats a good look.
  • Finally!!! I present to you, straight out the Gang Starr Foundation: [group]DJ Premier[/group] Check this out, only real HipHop!!
  • lol wingus, his next album is going to be produced by primo.. Will be dope as fuck =D
  • Illness.
  • Yup Yup.


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