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ROYAL THUNDER (Mlny Parsonz – bass / vocals, Josh Weaver – guitar, Will Fiore - guitar, Evan Diprima - drums) is a haunting rock band that lures listeners in with their dark rhythms and soulful vocals. The band formed in 2004 in Atlanta, GA and self-recorded and released a seven song EP in late 2009.

Royal Thunder released follow up to their self-titled debut entitled 'CVI' in the spring of 2012. The album encompasses…

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  • @Micky67: A figure of speech. In more words, there was just something about their style that didn't quite sell me. I don't like buying music thoughtlessly, I put a lot of time into listening to stuff and just going for the stuff I love. For a while Royal Thunder had me teetering somewhere between love and indifference. I kept them in my "Check this band out" list and kept going back and listening to see if I'd changed my mind, or if I'd hear a new layer that would make me love them instead of feel "meh" about them. I dunno. Some bands I love instantly, others I hate instantly, and then some have parts I like and parts I dislike and it takes me a minute to unravel it all and figure out if what I like outweighs what I don't like. (Blood Ceremony is an example of a band that took me a while to decide on, and it was ultimately a "No" for them.)
  • can't you like it if you're not a stoner
  • i hate the tag stoner
  • what i think palerider means is: i don't want to like stoner rock
  • not sure I understand why you would fight against liking music?
  • @Quantic_Dream: Meaning you started out loving them and now you hate them? D:
  • palerider1775, exactly the opposite for me. It's sad.
  • I fought it for a long time, but this band just won me over. You could say that, at least for me, their songs are "growers". I didn't instantly fall in love with their sound, but I liked it more the more I heard it.
  • glow is a relly great song
  • Crooked Doors fucking blew me away! Liked it much better than CVI, personally.

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