• Year 8 and the end of an era?

    8 Sep 2014, 20:32 by joiletjake

    It's the 8th of September which means that it's time to write my yearly journal. It feels a bit strange to write here on - a website which I barely visit any more. This place used to be very active some years ago but it seems like I'm not the only one doesn't visit it regularly. The site appears to be less popular and slowly dying. is becoming less relevant and is today probably mainly used to store data about listening habits. The music streaming market segment is dominated by other companies who are doing a better job at staying fresh and being relevant, while it seems like is more stagnated and starts to feel more and more like an abandoned ship. I remember that was barely accessible some months ago and that it took forever to load pages.

    Ok, that's enough of depressing thoughts for now, time for some statistics. My total scrobbles is currently 139109 which is 11091 more than last year. I scrobbled 10527 tracks last year which means that I roughly scrobbled 500 tracks more this year. …
  • Classic Rock's Top 50 Albums 2013

    28 Jan 2014, 20:40 by lonelyfurrow

    So it’s that time again. Another head first dive into the years best albums courtesy of Classic Rock’s Top 50 albums list. Just like last year this is more about me discovering new music and bands instead of giving in-depth reviews of each album. I’ll try to give a brief over view of what the albums are like so that you can check them out if you wish.

    1.Black Sabbath13
    Apart from Iron Man and Faith No More’s version of War Pigs I’ve never got into the Black Sabbath sound. Ironic as they hail from my home city. I really didn’t think that the new album would change my mind and it hasn’t. I know there are a lot of fans out there so I won’t be too harsh but I found this album dull and monotonous. Iommi’s guitar sound is instantly recognisable but, to me at least, it sounds the same as it did 30 years ago. Maybe that’s the point, I don’t know. I’ll probably get slated for this as well, but, I really don’t like Ozzy’s vocals either.

    2.ClutchEarth Rocker
  • Top-20 2013

    31 Dec 2013, 19:22 by Dima_Phoenix

  • No. 6

    8 Sep 2012, 21:09 by joiletjake

    It's Saturday, September 8th, 2012. A date that I just noticed that coincided with my join date here at and I then remembered that I always write a journal to summarize the past year's statistics.

    I will this year's journal short, mainly because that I haven't been around here much the past few months. My music taste have stagnated too now when I think about it. I've been listening to artist like Roy Harper and Django Reinhardt instead of searching for new music.

    I some research to refresh my mind and noticed that I've been listening to new (for me at least) music by artists like: Paul Simon, Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane, Maggie Bell, Stone the Crowes, bob hund and Bad Liquor Pond. Jimmy Page also released two new albums which I listened to quite a bit when they came out. New music from Jimmy Page? In a way it was but I had heard both before. Death Wish II was a remaster and the muddy sound of the bootleg recording of Lucifer Rising was gone (which was both good and bad)…
  • Prog Acts by LastFM Popularity (Year)

    27 May 2012, 08:26 by Mark_H

  • New Acquistions - May - June 2012

    1 May 2012, 10:25 by iSkiapod

    Astra - The Black Chord

    Not often I buy an album unheard, but I was quite taken with this band's first effort - The Weirding - back in 2009. When listening to that the other day I visited the Last.FM Album page and saw shouts for this new offering, but could find no where to stream it. (Curse you Last.Fm and your vague third party offerings). However, looking at a few trusted sites and recommendations, I downloaded and listened today.

    It might take a few listens, but on first impression, it's not too bad. I find some of the tracks repetitive and lacking in development.

    Dr John - Locked Down

    The good Doctor goes back to his roots in the company of Dan Auerbach. It's an absolute joy and a hoot - and he's bringing the show to London - must get a ticket.

    Al Di Meola - Casino

    It might have been called Elegant Gypsy part II, but it's still a fine piece of work.

    Planet X - Quantum

    Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day

    Roy Harper - HQ

  • Prog Acts by LastFM Popularity (modified)

    15 Jan 2012, 17:40 by Mark_H

  • live

    12 Jan 2012, 17:44 by leahpritchard

    To replace all those lost ticket stubs and lost memories over the years, a list:


    The Strokes
    Support: Har Mar Superstar
    Heineken Music Hall


    Support: Iain Archer

    Daniel Bedingfield
    Support: onehundredhours and Lucie Silvas

    Dinosaur Jr.
    Support: Modey Lemon

    Bright Eyes
    Support: The Faint

    Sigur Ros
    Support: Amiina

    James Blunt
    Virgin Records

    KT Tunstall
    Support: La Kidda

    Support: Johnathan Rice

    Support: Howling Bells

    Tom McRae
    Support: Joe Purdy

    Support: The Coral
    Heineken Music Hall

    Maxïmo Park
    Support: 2nd Place Driver


  • July 2011 acquisitions

    4 Jul 2011, 19:38 by lookbackbore

    Mike Oldfield: Airborn (2LP w/live tracks)
    Alexander Spence: Oar
    Laura Branigan: Remember Me
    Queen: Sheer Heart Attack
    Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10 (SACD - Semyon Bychkov)
    Alex Chilton: Live In London (Line)
    Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast (Capitol)
    Roxy Music: Avalon (SACD! - this wasn't just a "ha!" find, I nearly fell over....)
    Suppé & Auber: Overtures (Mercury Living Presence SACD - I miscounted previously, now I have four more to go....)
    Hilary Hahn: Bach Violin Concertos (SACD)
    Beck: Sea Changes (SACD)
    Jeff Beck: Beckology (3CD box)
    Jeff Beck: Rock 'n' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul (DVD)
    Various artists: Caroline Now - The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys (w/Alex Chilton, among others)
    Jeff Beck: Emotion & Commotion (CD+DVD)
    Alex Chilton: Black List (New Rose)
    Chet Atkins: Guitar For All Seasons
    Emmylou Harris: Wrecking Ball
    King Crimson: In The Court Of The Crimson King (CD+DVD-A, 40th Anniversary Edition)
    Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (original German)
  • 08/05/11

    10 May 2011, 10:47 by ainoac