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RF line-up
Added by Arkayon on 22 Dec 2010
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  • drummerQBbiker_

    That sissy emo cock smoker better takes that Immolation shirt off and put on a shirt that says "sorry ladies,I like it up the ass" before he gets his little vagina chopped off and force-fed...and lol at the blonde emo tranny,I guess they met him/her stripping at a drag queen club while looking for advise on how to dress up,they probably spent several hours babbling about which dildo brands are best for anal dilatation,eventually they all came to conclusions that the best brand is rose funeral,a thick but soft on the skin type of dildo,and then after learning the others were in a band,but didn't have a name yet,miss blondie boy/girl said : " hey bitches,why don't we name the band rose funeral in homage to the best dildo in existence!" to which the rest replied : "oh right on,doll!",and they immediately asked him/her to join.

    14 Aug 12:06am Reply
  • drummerQBbiker_

    @Tomektore: Not sure why,but I think it might have something to do with your mom who wont stop texting and calling me after I showed her how to lose her gag reflex last nite while you were jacking off dreaming about getting gang banged by the flaming fag members of this incredibly faggy and whiny fairy emo bubblegum boy band..do me a favor and tell mommy I've moved on,will ya?...nite

    13 Aug 11:47pm Reply
  • Tomektore

    @drummerQBbiker: Why so serious, dumbo?

    14 Jan 3:11pm Reply
  • helloxnewman

    I can barely read it, but is that Abigail Williams?

    25 Dec 2012 Reply
  • kkkraken

    Why do you upvote an OLD band picture that's 2+ years old? 2, maybe 3 of these guys aren't even in the band anymore.

    23 Apr 2012 Reply
  • Ale34

    I miss Timmy, but Ryan's a good replacement

    16 Dec 2011 Reply
  • darrenpj

    I miss timmy :[

    12 Aug 2011 Reply
  • Schander


    29 Jan 2011 Reply