• Rootscape - Walls Eating Trees

    15 Feb 2007, 16:39 by irchs


    I thought I would take some time out of my hectic Uni life and write about a mix I have been enjoying for some time now. I am not much of a reviewer, in fact I am a shitstain of a reviewer, but I thought this journal would help publicise this gem of a mix :)

    Back in October 2006 my good friend Dave, who also happens to be the hip-hop ninja who creates Macadamia with me, released Walls Eating Trees (You can find it here: to the unwilling public under the name of Rootscape. He says it's probably the last mix he will ever do, but I sincerely hope NOT as it is absolutely fantastic.

    This mix has introduced me to a whole new range of artists I would have usually dismissed before as plain inaccessible. This ranges from Bonobo to RJD2. The track list is perfectly balanced with tracks of a chilled nature and to some more intense ones that will have your head nodding. …