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-Some Person made 2 1 minute mp3s during a weekend with a guitar and FL Studio+Roobie Phawls is the best of the Missouri IHateMusicCore scene. Originator of Speednoise, Trashstyle, and Speedshit, Roobie Phawls is a sensation to deaf people. Started by Sir Roobie Quintin Phawls III, Roobie Phawls blends horrid FL Studio Speedcore with Hip-Hop and other samples and a screeching guitar to inflict pain on those unfortunate to hear it. The Self-Portrait and The Talent Singles are provided because they are so low quality Last.FM wouldn't even touch them.
-They were 64 kbps pieces of crappy speedcore and noise with samples and songs thrown everywhere.+
-The Band name is a parody of some generic high-school band Ruby Falls that makes shitty music and is played everywhere locally. It was originally called Bad Music before the name change and the idea was presented to make fun of the annoying band, thus the misspelling was implemented.+
Discography: Discography:
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The Self-Portrait Single The Self-Portrait Single
( http://www.mediafire.com/?epoqb476ceqx74y ) ( http://www.mediafire.com/?epoqb476ceqx74y )
-- A Side: Horrid Ear Rape Speed Core with Generic Noise in FL Studio on Cocaine Holy Shit This Song Title is as Long as a Grindcore Song Oh FUUUUCK WHY DID I MAKE THIS 
-- B Side: I Love Playing Music In The Old Played-Out Style Hyped Up By My Parents of Bands I'Ve Never Seen Before Because of the Radio and My Parents Shitting It Down My Throat!! also FUCK this song noise garbage Pimpin Hos I suck at guitar 
-- Bonus Track: iTunes Bonus Track for Digital Cocksucking Sellouts Who Don't Give a FUCK About Music But Instead The iCash FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK OOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF no 
The Talent Single The Talent Single
( http://www.mediafire.com/?hsdmdl274tap7ir ) ( http://www.mediafire.com/?hsdmdl274tap7ir )
-- A Side 1: Some Talent... Just A Bunch Of Faggy 16 Year Olds Playing Stale Music! More Pimpin Hos and Some Shitty 500 BPM Speedcore From FL Studio Ya Know ALWAYS GREAT RAWK N ROLL+ 
-- A Side 2: College Speedball While Listening to Eddie Van Halen (More Like Eddie Van FUCKINGSHITTY) and Puking on 3 600 Pound Fat People Shitting into a Funnel That Leads into My Girlfriends Mouth+Music To Be Raptured To (Split/Comp)
-- B Side 1: Jesus Christ A Second Fucking Single? YOUVE GOT SOME NERVE I Swear To Fucking God You Do For Naming This Garbage After Ruby Falls, My Band God I Am So Angry WHERES MY CLASSIC ROCK+( http://www.mediafire.com/?gyqzfnke9a4937w )
-- B Side 2: Simply Put, The Shortest Song Title For THis Band: Fuck Ruby Falls+
-- Bonus Track: iTunes Bonus Track: I Drove A Sarah Palin To A Roobie Phawls Concert And She Damn Near Russia'd All Over The Whip My Hair and The 2003 Billboard Latin Music Awards, produced and broadcast live on Telemundo, were held on Thursday, May 8, 2003. The award show aired on Telemundo at 7pm EST. The awards show was held at the Miami Arena in downtown Miami, Fl.+

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THERE IS NO ESCAPING HERE SPEEDNOISE // SAMPLECORE "im so throwed in the game" Discography: The Self-Portrait Single (2011) The Talent Single (2011) The Mike Jones Single (2011) Music To Be Raptured To (Split/2011) Split Tape #1: Mix This (Split/2012) SpeedNoise EP (2013) Luxury (2014) http://roobiephawls.bandcamp.com/