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    11 Jan 2012, 00:38 by dimsoul

  • Trip around the world - these songs will I take with me

    10 Jul 2008, 14:58 by c-rebehn

    This summer, I will go to Los Angeles to see my baby Laine, to Singapore to meet Tina and to Bangkok just for the heck of it. Of course, going so far for so long needs a lot of consideration about which songs to feed your MP3 Player with. Here's what I collected for now:

    The Ataris - Takeoffs and Landings
    If you could go anywhere right now,
    Where would you go?
    And would you miss me when you get there?
    There's no place that I would rather be

    Please don't let me go falling from the sky
    This "fasten seatbelt" sign just needs to go out
    If only you could be, right here by my side
    Home wouldn't seem so far from here

    Boys Like Girls - Thunder
    Today, is a winding road
    It's taking me to places that I didn't want to go
    Ooo-whoa oh (Whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh...)

    Your voice...was the soundtrack of my summer
    Do you know you're unlike any other?
    You'll always be my thunder and I said
    Your eyes...are the brightest of all the colors
    I don't wanna ever love another
    You'll always be my thunder