• 2009 has gone Septic

    16 Sep 2009, 08:59 by nosnebulous

    At about 1:30pm today there was a knock on my apartment door. It was the post carrier with an international package from Infrarot that required my signature. Inside this package was the long-awaited Septic VIII compilation. I can not begin to explain the significance of this arrival; it's not just for me, but it is a symbol for the next stage of intellectual dance pop, or the next generation of infectious . While it is not the first release from the newly reopened label, Dependent, this release signifies the change needed in the stagnant scene that has been bombarded by impostors and amateurs with pirated software and a Myspace account.

    There is a broad range of tracks, although they are all (of course) targeted for the dancefloor with 4/4 tempos and a relatively consistent bpm throughout the album. This does not draw away from the excellent and innovative use of electronics. I haven't the time to praise every track individually…