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Ronald Ernest Paul, M.D. (born August 20, 1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American physician and Republican Congressman for the state of Texas. Paul is a member of the Liberty Caucus of Republican congressmen which aims to limit the size and scope of the federal government, and serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Joint Economic Committee, and the Committee on Financial Services, where he has been an outspoken critic of American foreign and monetary policy.

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  • clintbeed, Ron Paul is even more dishonest than average, given his flimsy attempts to cover for his racism and his tendency to double-bill his expenses. He claims to advocate for honesty in government while milking his position and social standing for all it's worth. Why do you think he started an internet TV thing? hint: it wasn't to spread some "truth." it was to wring money out of gullible dipshits who worship him at every turn, like you.
  • 2012 is over, idiots. Get with the times, nobody cares about your Messiah Ron Paul anymore.... Actually, nobody ever did!
  • Seriously?? Are you idiots seriously hating on this man? What the fuck is wrong with this country? This man predicted everything that has gone wrong over the past 30 years. Look up videos and you will see how right this man has been. He is the only honest man in politics and should have been President. You people still mock him?? We have someone like Obama in office and you hate on Ron Paul? Fuck me...
  • All the haters are just jealous of the BRAVEST MAN IN THE WORLD
  • Ron Paul is one of the worst candidates I've seen. His arguments and positions are intuitively compelling, but fall apart upon any sort of serious scrutiny.
  • [group]Capitalists[/group]
  • You know it turns into a facade of populism in the US just because there's so many swimming in the shallow end. Xi Jinping > Obama 18th party congress > Katy Perry telling you who to vote for.
  • more like WRONG paul
  • Gary Johnson 2012
  • I have yet to meet anyone of voting age or sane that supports Ron Paul, and I live in a conservative county ffs!!!

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