• Song Of The Day - 12 Mar 2008: Phantom Of The Opera

    13 Mar 2008, 01:46 by sablespecter

    Iron Maiden / "Phantom of the Opera" / Iron Maiden (4) / Apr 1980

    Artist: Iron Maiden
    Original Album: Iron Maiden
    Track: Phantom of the Opera

    Happy 52nd Birthday to Steve Harris, bassist and founder of Iron Maiden! \m/
    Smiler in October 1974 (Steve at center) (source:

    For Iron Maiden, it all started in the scrappy East End of London toward the end of 1975: I think the "founding day" is traditionally considered Christmas Day. Immediately prior, 'Arry came out of Smiler, which he had been in since about October 1974 after parting ways with Gypsy's Kiss, the band he had first joined but had not got on with. He was too high energy for them - and a songwriter besides - which they didn't care for. ("Who needs a loony, songwriting bass player?" I can just see them asking themselves.) He got along a bit better with the older dudes in Smiler, but the music wasn't really to Steve's liking…