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  • "There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Luxembourgish neofolk act, strictly antifascist." lol
  • Very good!
  • TRUMP / PALIN 2016
  • so fucking good
  • Вы восхитительны! Такие глубокие по смыслу композиции в такой легкой, невесомой подаче. Спасибо Вам!
  • hej, I want to buy two tikets for concert in Vienna. Its anybody here who wants to sell...please!!!!
  • Those fuckers are commies? [2]
  • anyone flying over to vietnam just to watch his rare appearance in asia, and vietnam in particular
  • This album "A Passage to Rhodesia" are have fabulous musics.
  • Glorious music!
  • @nimbie hear hear!
  • :>
  • the more commie dark folk bands the better
  • @CommandoBurzum i believe hes not politically oriented. but obviously with anarchist sympathy.
  • The show last night was awesome!
  • Чорд, до чего же они шикарны.
  • Those fuckers are commies?
  • Sunday night show was amazing and I was lucky enough to get an invite to an acoustic house show on Tuesday as well.
  • the acoustic set in the dark was great, did anyone manage to get a good recording of To Die Among Strangers?
  • Amazing show sunday night! Even with the black out Jerome played amazingly.
  • Saw them live in Los Angeles and it was AMAZING!!!!
  • Нафиг таким частоколом фотки делать? У него от вспышек не случилась эпилепсия?
  • всегда считал говном полным, их еще просвиньин котирует оказываецца. но потом вчиталсо в тексты и понял, что зря так долго игнорировал - ребята, однозначно, классные. кстати, в люксембурге вообще еще есть группы (кроме парочки невнятных победителей евровидения)?
  • фотографии с концерта в Москве
  • So, so much love for Rome
  • russians everywhere...
  • wow, Passage to Rhodesia is so good
  • I'm gonna make and upload a bunch of AMVs for Rome songs <3<3<3 so i can b just as hip n kewlieo as u guyz
  • super great band.
  • Passage to Rhodesia is meh. five good songs
  • no god no master no master slave
  • your hopes are stiff with filth
  • Here you go: [url=]click![/url].
  • Does anyone know if there's going to be a more affordable version Passage to Rhodesia released and when might that be? [2]
  • Being hours away from 2015, and A Passage to Rhodesia was without a doubt one of the best albums of 2014, if not the best.
  • Amazing. Shame I didn't find them earlier.
  • jerome needs to come to albany ny or something a concert with ROME, SF, otwatm, ordo and fire+ice would be perfect omfg
  • A Passage to Rhodesia is great, one of their best albums
  • Listening to Masse Mensch Material now for the first time in well over a year after an attempt to avoid the massive overplaying of it I've done in the past. Bloody hell it is good. I could probably listen to it daily and still not get bored of it.
  • Passage to Rhodesia is an absolute masterpiece, one of the best 2 or 3 records of the year, maybe THE best record of 2014. One of the most romantic albums I've heard, and romance is something lost on a lot of neofolk artists. But Jerome seems to really understand how important that is to neofolk and to music as a whole.
  • passage to rhodesia is so good
  • Indeed, Anime is the destruction of Japanese culture.
  • anime = shit, anime = destruction of japanese culture, fuck anime
  • W I R M O O R S O L D A T E N
  • C H A S E M E
  • concerning Hell Money: I would not call that record bad or weak. It's certainly less accessible and definitely not as catchy as other works of his. However, it doesn't feel like it was supposed to be. That might set off some people, but it really just needs some time to fully appreciate the atmosphere and all the little details.
  • Rhodesia is just awesome. And after his weakest album (Hell Money), this is a very good thing
  • бьютифул


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