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Roland Kayn (3rd September 1933 in Reutlingen, Germany - 6th January 2011) was a composer of electro-acoustic music.

Kayn studied in Stuttgart and Esslingen. He was also was a student of Boris Blacher in Berlin, Josef Rufer, Fritz Winckel, and Oskar Sala. In 1960 he was awarded the "Rompreis", after that he lived in Rome & Venice. In 1970 he started to work for the Goethe-Institute in Amsterdam. From 1995 until his death, he lived in a remote country house in the Netherlands.

Besides composing for instruments (mainly the organ and the piano), he worked mostly on electronic and tape music, which he called "cybernetic music", based on programming long format compositions on early computer systems. He is regarded as a pioneer of this genre of modern music.

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