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  • Avatar for IamFlood
    One of our finest musical artists. He's up there with Mozart, Caruso and Britney.
  • Avatar for StephanePG
    @MaNaMan7 "Whistle Stop isn't in top 15?!" (January 2011)... It's because "Whistle Stop" is mistagged here: [track artist=Disneyland Records]Whistle Stop[/track] than [track artist=Roger Miller]Whistle-Stop[/track]. Otherwise it will be in the top. :-)
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    OK, I'll say it since no one else has; DO WACKA DO WACKA DO WACKA DO WACKA DOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......
  • Avatar for Dark-Devourer
    first time i heard him in Jackass, Johny Knoxville's part ! You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd \m/
  • Avatar for Ruvare
    Yes, you are, Jakob... but he's still pretty damn good!
  • Avatar for JakobVirgil
    I am Wrong to think that Roger kicks Bob Dylans ass in the great american song-writer game?
  • Avatar for diadline
    JACKASS 3D!!!! Johnny Knoxville
  • Avatar for aerodo
    Robin Hood and Little John are walking through the forest...
  • Avatar for Salt_The_Fries
    No one even bothered to mention Roger Miller from Mission of Burma here (in the description), funny, when you think of people who attach any shitty metal band to an existing name wherever possible.
  • Avatar for empireprimitive
  • Avatar for MaNaMan7
    Whistle Stop isn't in top 15?!
  • Avatar for aki-kun
    He is definitely underrated. It's unfortunate.
  • Avatar for nuclearrabbit33
    that dude below me LOVES Roger Miller! and has awesome eyebrows.
  • Avatar for ernstlore
    Ich könnte Stunden lang da zu hören !
  • Avatar for ernstlore
    wunderbare Musik,sage ich.
  • Avatar for ernstlore
    ein schönes Lied, das macht spass !
  • Avatar for BIGEASYCHRIS
  • Avatar for panda3000
    you cant roller skate in a buffalo herd damn it!
  • Avatar for SimplyLkawaranu
    He is a legend!!
  • Avatar for Richex
    I DID....DANG ME!
  • Avatar for omega12596
    Gotta love Roger Miller. Thank God I grew up with my grandparents and my mother. I just wouldn't have such an appreciation for music if it hadn't been for the cross generational tunes I grew up with and still love.
  • Avatar for bLASTfmY
    man of means by no means
  • Avatar for elsmarie
    roger miller word ....great
  • Avatar for fedupoldvet
    The phrase Musical Genius IS appropriate. Enjoy, enjoy then enjoy some more.
  • Avatar for countryrocker24
    Roses are red and violets are purple. Sugar's sweet, and so's maple surple. Classic Roger!
  • Avatar for mada11
    Thats a lot of videos
  • Avatar for ColonBlow
    Makes Me Want To Kiss Rheas Pearlman
  • Avatar for helmsleyera1
    Yay! I was the swing vote for the new pic! Love ya Roger!
  • Avatar for ECash
    Hey man, do wacka do
  • Avatar for phil_from_hell
    Great Stuff
  • Avatar for Goe
    Hell yeah. My daddy was a pistol, I'm a son of a gun. Roger Miller is great.
  • Avatar for shadowyfigure
    Beautiful. How much I love. Truly.

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