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    4 Mar 2008, 19:29 by javoxmusic

    Rodrigo y Gabriela= RODGAB son un par guitarristas mexicanos que se han destacado en Europa, debido a su interesante mezcla de sonidos y tecnica en la guitarra acústica, es un aire refrescante para los musicos frustrados como yo, y apetecible para todo público,

    Ahora se preguntarán, como es que los conocí, pues ahí les va, navegando en la red me encontré con la descarga de una canción, y se me hizo curioso que, la interpretaran 2 mexicanos; un hombre y una mujer, originarios del df, que se conocieron en una banda de thrash metal, y que aunque esten pensando pero que le pasa a jav, que ya dejo atras su etapa de metal, esperen y sigan leyendo, mejor aun, escuchen esta propuesta.

    bueno estos muchachos, al verse limitados en México y no ser aceptados en cierta academia musical, a la que aun le guardo rencor porque a mi tampoco me aceptaron los muy hijos de &*&*. bueno, bueno ya estuvo de exteriorizar mis traumas juveniles. Como les iba diciendo estos talentosísimos…
  • rodrigo y gabriela @ the warfield

    10 Feb 2008, 09:50 by rone

    Sat 9 Feb – Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Look, Rodrigo y Gabriela just fuckin' rock. I will belabor this further, but that's really all you need to know, and if you're in San Diego, Tucson, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, buy a ticket now and go see them on their current tour. If you're in Denver, Austin, or Tokyo, good luck finding a scalped ticket.

    Kim and i picked up my stepson Dave, and had dinner near his place at Yama Sushi (excellent prices, and they had mirugai sashimi... mmm, mirugai). Afterwards, we headed to the show. The openers were two random dudes, one on electric guitar, the other on harmonica, xylophone, and saw. They were mediocre at best; not offensive, but clearly not very good musicians. Afterwards, the sound guys played a Shakti track that was really good; it wasn't very long, so i'm guessing it was "Lotus Feet". Right before R&G came out, they played Tool's "The Pot", which really warmed the crowd up; i've never seen intermission music used so effectively before.
  • Top 10 Discoveries: 2007 Edition

    9 Feb 2008, 23:26 by Omegasphere

    Yeah yeah, I know, it's over a month into 2008. I blame procrastination... seems like an easy scapegoat.

    Looking back at my Top Discoveries of 2006 journal, I was pretty amazed at how the bands mentioned have made an impact on my charts. 11 of my Top 50 Artists were from bands that I hadn’t even heard of 2 years ago, including my #1. (all hail Dream Theater!) 2007 didn’t disappoint me either, and below is a list of my top 10 discoveries, followed by some honorable mentions.

    1. Machinae Supremacy
    First track: Attack Music
    Eye-opening track: Return to Snake Mountain
    Favorite: Kings of the Scene

    I guess Last.fm lived up to their motto of giving us new music to discover. I found these guys on my dashboard because they had free songs available for download. They had a unique sound: pretty good with… a Nintendo? Well, technically it’s a Commodore 64, but coming from someone with a love for oldschool video games, this was a recipe for success in my book. …
  • Rodrigo Y Gabriela @ The Hideout

    29 Jan 2007, 16:08 by Pantone-292

    Another random weekend night landed me in a hilariously long line outside one of my favorite spots: The Hideout. The bar is aptly named; hidden in an industrial area of town near North Ave and Elston, it’s not an easy find if you don’t know where exactly you’re going. Then again, it’s not exactly hush-hush. With a stellar entertainment reputation (comedy, poetry, music, etc), great low-key vibe, (and on this night in particular) a ridiculous line that stretched out the door and down the block -- I guess it’s not that hard to find.

    (Images taken From The "RodGab" Homesite)

    My pal Kate had tipped me off to a free early show hosted by WXRT. It’d be fair to say that XRT is “slipping” a bit as far as being a relevant Chicago music resource goes (XRT listener poll, the loss of Sound Opinions), but I still feel they’re an authority if they can highlight some fabulous music (and do it for free!). In this case, it was -via-’s Rodrigo y Gabriela. …