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The cliche that is blood, guns, and knives in hardcore is totally lol. The best thing to do is rise above the jokes and launch into bigger and more powerful scenarios. Rocket Attack does this by providing us with 30 second power violence explosions that you'll feel even if missed due to splash damage. As if twelve original songs weren't enough, Rocket Attack covered Crossed Out's "Pure Delusion." Rob Rocket's vocal style is reminiscent of Find Him And Kill Him/Last Priest with more aggression and fervor while Zack Attack (guitar) and Tanar Stalker (drums) blitz without counting to ten in alligators or Mississippi's. If bands like Spazz and Infest are what you wish you lost your virginity to, Rocket Attack will reinvent the one man circle jerk in your bedroom… or finger poke if you're of the female persuasion.

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