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  • mnortonNineSix

    Ain't a damn thang change hoe

    June 2014
  • mattdh12

    You know the drill, money over bitches still

    April 2014
  • carAnthony

    Fiyah! Marci tha fuckin' NYC legend!

    December 2013
  • HEAD_X

    that beat

    July 2013
  • steveisms

    WICKED TUNE!!!!!.....................................

    June 2013
  • NASAishh

    but til then just admire the realness

    May 2013
  • ephemeraldrone

    very special

    February 2013
  • henrik_kennylz

    peons get peed on quick

    February 2013
  • BlueDotZong

    nigga we shine like neion bitch

    July 2012
  • infendo

    You know the drill - money over bitches still - load the steel then go in for the kill - all the way from sugar hill to brazil - back to the vill - stack bills, smack niggas all in they grill - but chill.... this song is ill

    December 2011
  • 13Rose

    @TheGetawayFace What What! We dump em in the hudson river! This if my favorite Roc Marci track.

    September 2011
  • TheGetawayFace

    we dump em in the hudson river

    August 2011
  • NekiyMy


    January 2011
  • Rocadelic

    the bass is fantastic, Marciano's crazy.

    June 2010
  • Mr_Teeth

    "We dumps 'em in da hudson river!" Haha.

    June 2010