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Bum Like You (3:30)


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  • I just listened to this from Spotify for the first time and WHAT THE FUCK did they do to the song???? The Swedish version is flawless, the Spotify version an abomination
  • fifa 08
  • The beat is sick.
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Been there once never again.I had fun though !
  • Robyn is so great
  • i think the swedish version better.
  • i just love it! <3
  • Take the VCR, take the keys of my house, the keys of my car, I don't need them no more. Cause you give me the keys to your heart. (Original version RULES)
  • Both Versions are amazing
  • This is a fun song. Who are you Robyn and why haven't I heard your awesomeness before?
  • this is the song that got me into Robyn :)
  • damn bums!...;]
  • Probably my favorite Robyn song.
  • i thought she was black when i heard this song, love her..
  • I love thissss !
  • Love it
  • I.LOVE.IT. *_*
  • damm right
  • Loved her since the early 90's back during my kiddie days. In the says of SPICE! haha xD
  • You don't even look...good...God it ain't right...BADD!!!
  • XD
  • Your fingers in my cookiejar >;))))))))))))))))))
  • let's do it right now!
  • "my new favorite thing to do is wasting my time on bum you" [orgasmic song! *.*]
  • and my new favorite thing to do is wasting my time on bum you=)
  • love! i remember her song "show me love"
  • amazinggg.
  • <3 this song
  • fab song
  • FIFA 08 would not be the same without this song = FACT.
  • Last fm always makes me discover "new" great song
  • Swedish musicians are unreal right now! have you seen Peter, Bjorn and John's newest music video for "Nothing To Worry About?" Check it: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=51789705
  • ilovethisone.
  • Great! She should waist some time with a bum like me... :D
  • te amo robyn!!!
  • bueniiiisima!
  • nice...Sweden must have nice music scene...i like it
  • İnteresting song :')
  • likin soo far...."you've always got your fingers in my cookie jar"....very clever
  • ))
  • the original is way better.
  • "You don't even look good, god it ain't right" makes me chuckle every time.
  • i prefer the original, but this version is more commercial, i guess..
  • the original is good too, but i can see why they changed it off the albums as it probably wouldn't make an impact on the charts..
  • The beat is so sick! Didn't know they did hip hop like this in Sweden! The lyrics are great, why wasn't it a single? If this song was britneys she would make a hell outta a dance video for this jam...
  • it's the catchiest i believe...
  • After many listens to this album, this song sticks the most. I love it :)
  • Even when I don't try, I end up with Swedish music playing on my last.fm. :)
  • (((n_n)))


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