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Robots Don't Cry is a name shared by two bands.

The first is a screamo band from Omaha, that is no longer together.
Location: Omaha, NE
Members: Scott, Chris, Zach, Joe, Eric*

Screamy epic hardcore out of Omaha, NE. tours frequently. Has two up-and-coming 7" splits in the works with For All it's Worth and Shadows and the Silence.

The second Robots Don't Cry is "garage / grunge / punk rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine."

It has been based in February.
On the first rehearsals such songs as " Warm Me ", " Keep On the Skating rink ", " White Strips ", and also Greg's which has been thought up by it in 12 years the old song, " Cheerful Operation " have been improvised. The first public performance is dated on April, 13th, 2005 on the closed party-concert in honour of Nimnul Birthday .

Concerts in the art-club "44", "RING", a trip on a concert in a Sevastopol Further follow. At the moment Robots Don't Cry have written down a debut album under the name " Pleasure Gets Not to Everyone " and are engaged in searches of the publisher…..

On November, 8-thth, 2006 the song Touching has got on the All-Russia collection " the Sea of Emotions ".

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