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Herbie Hancock is their biggest fan, Visage's Rusty Egan could not resist paying them a visit, Afrika Bambaataa morphed their music into the Timezone Wildstyle Remix, Sven Väth is a massive fan and hails them as the very first techno pioneers and New York's female Rapper B-Side presented three of their tracks on Cairo Nights.

…so…who are Roboterwerke?

Roboterwerke were be a bunch of freaks based around Supersempfft's Dieter Kolb who, during the mid 60s, were among the first to experiment with electronic music. At a time when electronic synthesisers and drum machines didn't even exist, the band had to literally invent their own instruments and if you want to know who built all these magical machines which were later excessively used by artists such as Kraftwerk, Herbie Hancock and Tangerine Dream, then look no further.

Roboterwerke were the first to release music with a drum computer, a self-made model which caused Herbie Hancock to pay the band a visit to find out more about their marvellous inventions and to this day they remain very close friends. Roboterwerke (under the name of Supersempfft) went on to release 3 LP's: Roboterwerke 1979 on CBS, Futurist on RCA and Metaluna 1978 - all adorned with spaced out cartoon Furry Freak Brothers style cartoon imagery.

Whilst Kraftwerk's music gained international recognition as one of the first electronic acts and founders of modern dance music, Roboterwerke were much more influenced by and acts such as Parliament and their sound takes a much more / leftfield aesthetic. Furthermore, every year the band spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and heavily influenced by the local herb supply, the band developed a deep love for the local sound of steel drum music and and from then onwards, they developed their own style of funky disco, electro and Soca.

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