• Top 10: 23-30 Jan 2006

    31 Jan 2006, 19:16 by roundthewheel

    9. Jean-Luc Ponty, The White Stripes (8) - I figured out just how big an obscure music nerd I am this past week when I was driving my brother to work. XM 76 was playing a live Ponty track which they had labeled as Imaginary Voyage, but after humming a few bars I said out loud, "This isn't Imaginary Voyage. This is Infinite Pursuit." I got a look from my brother that reminded me in a roundabout way of the time someone called the music I was listening to "dolphin porno". Which would really fall into a more avant-garde category, I think, but I digress.

    8. of Montreal (9) - Have you ever been to Oslo in the summertime? No? Neither have I. But I have heard the song "Oslo in the Summertime", and it's great. Guttural keyboard sounds plus weird echoey "baaa-bapabapabaaabaaa" = creamy indie goodness. Comes with my highest recommendation.

    7. Mannheim Steamroller (12) - It's that damn "Midnight On a Full Moon" song, I tell you! That was my top individual track last week with TEN plays. …