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  • brutalluis


    September 2014
  • Lorelei_94

    Angel Of The City тоже awesome блеать \\m/ [4]

    May 2014
  • Lorelei_94

    No Easy Way Out ♥

    May 2014
  • Tenebra1922

    Angel Of The City тоже awesome блеать \m/ [3]

    July 2013
  • CarlaSitt

    angel of the city > all [2]

    July 2013
  • MegaBlazy

    Angel Of The City тоже awesome блеать \m/ [2]

    February 2013
  • goran-v1

    Great singer,great voice ... No easy way out - album have some awesome songs!!!

    July 2012
  • Eddie_imp

    Angel Of The City тоже awesome блеать \m/

    May 2012
  • vadimnekrasov

    Куда он пропал то вообще. Нужен новый альбомчег

    February 2012
  • OmarCandelas

    Yes, Rocky IV!!!

    September 2011
  • Eddie_imp

    No Easy Way Out is awesome!

    September 2011
  • Spike_Mirror

    one of the best singers ever!

    April 2011
  • Varpoxan

    No Easy Way Out is awesome!

    March 2011
  • DaveBaldwin

    Ivan Drago: "If he dies...he dies." I always wanted to see an Ivan Drago/Clubber Lang bout. Now that would be a fight. "Any prediction on the fight?" "Prediction? Paaain."

    February 2011
  • MichaelMyers64

    Great artist! \mm/

    December 2010
  • ILeXusI

    theres no easy way out theres no shortcut home

    November 2010
  • gadom71

    no easy, no easy, no easy way out!

    October 2010
  • annihiluzz

    angel of the city > all

    September 2010
  • ROCKYutmn

    No easy way out, Burning Heart, Eye of the tiger and Heart's on fire are the best songs from ROCKY's 4 soundtrack!

    August 2010
  • janchik59

    просто тащусь

    June 2010
  • EcsExp


    January 2010
  • stunningboy


    January 2010
  • aryanrocksworld

    hi robert

    December 2009
  • fanta_panda

    No Easy Way Out has such a awesome bassline, a wicked cool guitar riff, some synth ... and it was in Rocky IV. -----> perfect 80's song. ... 'nuff said

    October 2009

    awesome vocalist

    July 2009
  • PandaGetSad

    so fucking amazing !!! i luv this track!!!

    March 2009
  • Musick-Lover

    Lang nicht gehört, aber immer wieder gut

    February 2009
  • spacemonkey29

    i must break you;)

    January 2009
  • KaneRobot

    NEWO > Eye of the Tiger

    November 2008
  • Mitizu

    Eye of the Tiger is very good song, but No Easy Way Out is new song on my computer, so for now it's better ;)

    August 2008
  • seth_pl

    I think that No Easy Way Out is better than Eye of the tiger. ^^

    July 2008
  • Cruco

    No Easy Way Out!!!!:)

    July 2008
  • cro4ky

    Fucking rocks \m/ ^__^ \m/

    February 2008
  • Vizzadale

    Excuse me Terrasidius, but you like muse, enough said.

    December 2007
  • DavMel

    rocky 4 4ever

    November 2007
  • Terrasidius

    my god this guys sucks!

    June 2007
  • Smakaveli

    There's No Easy way out. Rock IV was a great film!

    October 2006
  • Bogusz

    Eins der schönsten Lieder der westlichen Hemisphäre °_°

    July 2006