• Confessions of a Square 3.6.06

    7 Mar 2006, 06:59 by FrankieJoules

    In this latest installment of Confessions of a Square, I'll be separating the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys and the salt from the pepper. These are not, as some think, strange times. These are the magic times, full of wonderment and wonder bread. Pre-sliced cheese and lunch meat, also already pre-sliced. Tasty sandwiches and donuts, oh. Raspberry tarts and cotton candy.

    We are in an age of succulent hamburgers on kaiser rolls. Country style ribs and other fine meat products. Sausage. Bacon. Manwiches. Salsbury steak. Mystery meat. Meat Beat Manifesto.

    These are, indeed, hungry times. Hungry times for all of mankind. Generations later will look upon these times and reflect on a truly golden age. They will most certainly say, "Rub me with chicken grease again, el Jefe."

    -Sleepy Paul

    Track listing (1.4)

    1. Did You See the Words

    The words popped up like little roses or thrushes in the springtime. I did my best to hold them back; the earth was soft and warm and when I pressed down…